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What we can do for you

Penetration Testing

Discover security weakness in your network and systems with pay per hour pricing.

Systems Architect

Tailor made cost effective system design for your business. Optimize and Automate Efficiently.

Web Application Development

Build webapps with agile methodology using MVC based framework.


Idea behind the Company

WidEva, pronounced as Vidh Ev, has been derived from Sanskrit words Vidya and Eva.
Vidya means ‘knowledge’ and eva means ’truly’. WidEva constantly strives to acquire best knowledge and conquer every path traversed.

Our goal is to provide simple, flexible, affordable, highly available and reasonably secure system on cloud. We are ethical, professional and always follow Keep it Simple policy. From development to finding loopholes, we have got it all covered.

Looking for innovation?

Tell us your problem points and what you are looking to change. We will build an innovative solution.

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