Integrity Monitoring

Mail alerts on file/selected table changes post backup

Agentless Backup

Stay immune from ransomware attacks on hosting servers

Time Machine

Track Website File/Table changes since first backup

WhiteLabel Friendly

Manage and support your customers independently

Lightweight and Fast

Very minimal I/O impact on hosting servers during backups

N Remote Copies

Keep multiple copies of backup in different Geo Locations

Onion Security Model

Tier architecture with several layers of security

Decentralized Design

Host Frontend and Storage anywhere for faster experience

Dormant Protection

Auto Revert unauthorized file changes on idle sites

Whitelabel Platform: Design, Market, Sell and Support

Create your own product tiers with several customizable options. Provide support to your customers using control panel logs and concierge service. Start small and scale as much as you can. Reseller option available.

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Site owners can now investigate and fix website hacks on own

Easy to detect exact file changes and code change. Site owners can report malwares that will help detecting Cross Site contamination attacks. Give your customers transparency. Security is wisdom.

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Onion Security Model

From tier based architecture to multi user storage, several layers of security to ensure that your data is safe. RBACL based control panel user access with added login security like 2FA, login IP and allowed login hours. And adding…

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Feature Rich Control Panel

Simple, Intuitive and Fast UI to manage multiple websites ensuring site owners are always on top. Notifications messages available per user, ensuring that you never miss a critical message.

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Backup Features

Web files and database tables are revisioned separately giving granular control on restores. Easily Track changes on file/table level to investigate hacks. Auto database configure.

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More Features

Deploy on cloud or commodity hardware. Optimize Pagespeed by compressing static files. Differential restores. Customer Backup Copy on any S3 compliant storage. Detect stock files for open source applications.

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