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Website Threat Hunting Platform

BountySite protects your website by hunting for vulnerabilities and malwares. BountySite backups your websites and runs security scans on backups using a simple and scalable cloud platform.

Add a layer of security to unlimited sites

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  • check Individual file restore/download
  • check Customised storage solutions
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  • check Unlimited snapshots with email notifications
  • check Time travel to past and browse files
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BountySite's Goal

Here is an analogy:
To get rid of bad fishes in a pond, you need the right kind of net to catch them, and ensure that the good ones are not caught. We designed the pond(Backup Service) to let all the fishes flow into, and our job is to design the net to catch bad fishes(Threat & Malware).

We also constantly release security patches(for open source applications) to nullify exploits, without having to upgrade the site.


Site Time Machine

BountySite backups your websites without affecting hosting server resources and stores on industry standard AES 256 bit encrypted storage. BountySite maintains backup under revision control, right from the first full backup, allowing you unlimited restore points.

File Change Monitoring

BountySite notifies users on every site file changes with new, modified and deleted summary. This helps site owners to track site file changes easily and also identify malicious files, which can be quickly quarantined.

Bounty Security

BountySite protects websites by detecting threat and providing security patches for free. This is done by constantly scanning for anomalies and detecting vulnerable code, before it is exploited.

Malware Scanning

BountySite does all security scans in offline backup data environment. BountySite is capable of learning and detecting new malware, protecting your website from getting blacklisted.

Dual Cloud Offsite Backup

BountySite is the first in the industry to offer dual cloud backup, to offer fast and reliable backup. Site owners can also upload backup to their own public cloud storage account. Never loose your backup.

Easy Restores

BountySite allows you to quickly recover from an event of data loss or hacked files or accidental data overwrites. Full site or individual file or database can be easily restored. Say goodbye to expensive malware removal.

Pay per used GB

BountySite offers pay per use model so that you only pay for what you need and easily upgrade when needed. You no longer have to fit your requirements in a plan. Backup services are billed per GB.

Intuitive Interface

BountySite provides with a very simple and intuitive interface to manage sites and their services under one login. BountySite also provides with RBACL based multiple user support to delegate tasks, without giving full access.

Dormant Site Protection

Dormant websites are the most vulnerable and frequently targeted by malicious hackers. BountySite is the first in the industry to protect dormant sites by automatically reverting any file changes on the website. Site owners who only want an online presence, can now sleep stress free and fix security gap at leisure.

Customized Storage

BountySite allows you to build your own storage platform which can integrate into BountySite's cloud to offer high level of customization and benefit with cheaper pricing.

Blacklist monitoring

BountySite ensures that you are notified as soon as your site or mail server is blacklisted, to ensure that your email delivery and website reputation is not affected.

Optimize PageSpeed

BountySite helps your website open faster, with an option to improve site PageSpeed, by compressing static contents like image, js, css and html.

Lightning Speed Backup

BountySite provides you with the fastest backup service, by backing only changes made on the site. Also our storage nodes are located across the globe, near your hosting server for faster file transfers.

Auto add Database

BountySite automatically configures database backup credentials for Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla so that you can configure your backup by providing only FTP credentials.

Secure Remote MySQL Backup

BountySite offers secure mysql backup , using a customised PHP script which securely accepts db credentials and backups/restores data over HTTPS.

API and Plugins

BountySite provides SSL REST APIs for provisioning services and also with WHMCS provisioning module. SSL REST APIs are also available for managing backups, and also with CPanel and WordPress plugins.