Website Security starts with Backup

Your True First Layer of Website Security

Security scanning on offsite cloud website backup giving you piece of mind

Website Backup

BountySite automatically backups your website into a revisioning system

Website Security

BountySite runs vulnerability and malware scans on backup data


BountySite backup is lightweight on hosting with scans on backup

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Secure your website in simple steps

1. It all starts with a free signup.
2. Enter your credentials and receive signup text mail.
3. Save the login URL in bookmark or in your favourite pasword manager
4. Set a secure and unique password for your account and login.

1. Add your website domain name, as configured in hosting control panel.
2. Buy or choose Free Trial for any Backup plan that fits you.

1. Configure your backup with FTP credentials. 
2. For Wordpress, Joomla and Drupla, database configuration is automatically configured. If you are using different application or different MySQL setup, then configure database.

1. Schedule a backup immediately.
2. Post backup receive details of files backed up.
3. Get notified about malwares.
4. Congratulation! You have added your First Layer of security to your website.

Try us out

BountySite adds a layer of security to your website and can also help you fix your site from hack. 


WidEva Systems Pvt Ltd, incorporated in March 2015, is a security startup researching on cost effective security solutions for SMB.

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We love building simple, secure(translates to layers of security) and scalable applications. BountySite is our first product for securing websites.


We are a small team.

Open source

We love and embrace open source 


We constantly innovate and ideate technology


We always think in terms of scaling application

Automated Backups

Backups are internally scheduled and data is stored on AES-256 bit encrypted storage

Database Backup

Direct MySQL/ssh-tunnel/php-https based database backups are supported

Backup API

Manage your backups and run backups using BountySite Backup API

Malware Scanning

BountySite continuously scans for malwares on website backup data.

Security Patches

BountySite provides security patches to fix vulnerabilities on your website.

File Change Monitoring

We track and notify file changes to help you quickly identify malicious files and fix it

Time Machine

Automatically convert your website into a Time machine

Incremental Backups

Only the first backup is full, followed by Incremental backups for ever

Global Storage Nodes

We can setup storage nodes anywhere near your hosting server for fast backups.

Blacklist Monitoring

BountySite ensures that you are notified as soon as your site is blacklisted

Dormant Site Protection

Auto revert files to a stable revision to protect idle sites 

Optimize Page Speed

Your website can open faster by compressing/minifying static contents

Mail Notification

Get notified on backups, threats and malwares post every backup

Control Panel

Feature rich control panel to manage your site backup and security

Multiuser RBAC

Role Based Access Control to delegate and grant access to other users in Control Panel

Want to know more?

BountySite has plethora of options and features starting from a web agency/designer/owner to a hosting provider/reseller/partner.

WhiteLabel Friendly

BountySite has been designed for hosting providers and resellers

Scalable Design

Designed to protect large number of websites.

Fully Featured API

Simple JSON REST based API for Backup and Account Provisioning


BountySite can backup websites including the below mentioned open source applications.


BountySite fully supports Wordpress Core, Plugins and Themes enumeration. 


BountySite can backup your Joomla website, just as easy as any website backup.


Running Drupal website? BountySite can protect your website too.


Running eCommerce website? Add BountySite protection.


Running phpBB forum? Secure your forum with BountySite.


Offsite backup for any PHP framework such as laravel and track live code changes.


Complete website backup solution with very simple and intuitive control panel.



BountySite has lot of hidden exciting features like the file diff between revisions is very useful. Also, the ability to track the change history per file is awesome.



I could configure my backup within a minute. I only had to enter FTP credentials and BountySite could backup my whole website in few minutes.



Talk to us

Drop us a message for a free demo account evaluation, before you make a decision. We have solutions that fit every budget.

About Us

BountySite is a Website Threat Hunting Platform for proactively securing websites without impacting hosting server resources.


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sales (at} bountysite {dot} com

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