BountySite backups your websites and runs security scans on offline data in a secure environment, using a revolutionary, simple and scalable platform.

Add security to my Website

  • check Sign up for free, with no Credit Card
  • check Starting with 0$ for 1GB & 1 database *Hurry! Limited offer
  • check Economy plan at 1$/2GB/site/pm with trial period
  • check Cloud based Enterprise plan at 1$/GB/site/pm
  • check Easy to configure backups and restore
  • check Track backup history and logs
  • check Restore Web and/or Database
  • check Individual file restore/download
  • check Unlimited snapshots with email notifications
  • check Time travel to past and browse files
  • check Intuitive Interface & multi user with RBACL
  • check Advanced Login security
  • check Free antivirus and malware scanning
  • check Free bounty security and patches
  • check Auto revert unauthorized file changes
  • check Pay per usage, with a copy on reliable cloud storage

Sell Website Security

Hosting Providers
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  • checkDesign your own storage
  • checkLightning fast backups
  • checkPrice independently
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SMB Resellers
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BountySite's Goal

Here is an analogy:
To get rid of bad fishes in a pond, you need the right kind of net to catch them, and ensure that the good ones are not caught. We designed the pond(Backup Service) to let all the fishes flow into, and our job is to design the net to catch bad fishes(Threat & Malware). We only charge you 1$ for every bad fish caught.

Malicious hackers blindly/selectively run a single exploit across thousands of websites, infecting several sites. Our agenda is to catch that single exploit, and use that information to catch other sites infected with that exploit.

We also constantly release security patches(for open source applications) to nullify exploits, without having to upgrade the site.

1$ Bounty is viable for us, as we have designed the service to work across large number of websites, keeping it cost effective for site owners.

Why BountySite?

We already have xyz security scanner running on my server. Why do I need BountySite?

BountySite does not replace any security service, but adds another layer of security to hosting infrastructure. None can guarantee 100% security.

BountySite's security scanning works on off-site location, and works on files, adding security at the root level. It does not impact hosting server resources at all.

BountySite does not charge you an upfront premium fee, but only for every true positive threats/malwares. Call it free security scanning at the cost of off-site website backup, if you like.

Our premium sites have already subscribed for security protection. We are good, thank you!

In hosting environments, one IP address usually hosts several websites. Even if one of the sites gets infected, it affects reputation of the other hosted sites. Inspite of having caged/sandboxed sites, it still affects the reputation of the IP address, which particularly affects emails. So, security has to be addressed for all sites.

What proactive security?

BountySite saves time and money on following things:-
  • check Easy and quick revert unauthorized/accidental file site changes
  • check Effortless and free self malware removal
  • check Free security scanning, with off-site backup
  • check Very affordable backup service, with pay per use
  • check Auto revert unauthorized file changes with Stable operating mode
  • check Quick response upon site infection, to revert to pristine version
  • check Dont loose a customer on security
  • check Save cost on wholesale pricing
  • check Configure site backup within a minute
  • check Fast backup/restores with Cloud Backup
Very clearly, being proactive saves time and money.

Lost a hosting customer due to hacked site

Problem: Most sites are unattended after initial launch. Getting online is only a start. Some site owners dont consider the operating cost like upgrading, optimizing. Some out of fear, just subscribe for xyz security, without knowing/understanding. Security is a practice, not a product.

Solution: BountySite tries to make security transparent, by making it simple and easy. Hosting providers can now take control and support on security matters. Backup/Restore of sites has never been this easy and affordable.

We already WAF enabled on my server, with mod_security rules etc.

Having WAF enabled on hosting server is always more effective than having cloud based service. BountySite offers application security scanning for sites that dont use open source applications like wordpress, joomla etc. Fixing the problem at root is better. For open source tools, using security patches works better. Also, in certain cases, it saves from performing complicated upgrades.

We already maintain site backups!

It is essential to have backups for a hosting server, incase hardware fails. This is different from website backups as BountySite maintains revision since first backup, and not limited to 7/14 day backup retention. In the event a website is infected, the local backup would only have the infected versions. And most importantly it puts website backup within site owner's control and liability.

Why is BountySite defacto for Hosting environment?

  • check BountySite is designed for all sites on hosting server
  • check Proactive and affordable security for sites
  • check Simple and easy to use
  • check Offloads part of security scanning
  • check No impact on hosting server
  • check BountySite can also help in site and server migrations

How does BountySite work?

Take a look at this page.

Site Owner: I had to shell a bomb to get my site back after hack

BountySite tracks changes in site files, since you first started backup. You can easily switch your site back to any pristine version. You dont need any expertise to remove infected files.

Site Owner: My site got hacked and worse, my hosting provider took my site offline, leaving me helpless

Problem: Your site got infected for few days spreading malware, and popped up in several blacklists, forcing your hosting provider to take action immediately. Hosting provider has no choice as it affects other sites hosted on the same IP bucket.

Proactive Solution: BountySite notifies you about file changes in your site on every backup, allowing you to take prompt action on unauthorized file changes. This gives you a chance to fix the issue before going into blacklisting phase. Also do note that with security patch releases, it will nullify the exploit at the first place.

Site getting hacked is bad, but getting blacklisted is worse. You can quickly fix a hacked site, but whitelisting can become a daunting process. BountySite saves you time and money to avoid going through the hassle of whitelisting your infected site.


Site Time Machine

BountySite backups websites incrementally and stores on encrypted storage, everyday. BountySite maintains your website revisions, right from the first initiall full backup to current day, allowing you unlimited restore points.

Intuitive Interface

BountySite providers with a very simple and intuitive interface to manage sites and their services under one login. BountySite also provides with RBACL based multiple user support to delegate tasks, without giving full access.

Bounty Security

BountySite protects websites by detecting threat at 1$. This is done by constantly scanning for anomalies and detecting vulnerable code, before it is exploited by malicious hackers.

Malware Scanning

BountySite does all security scans in offline backup data environment. This allows BountySite to backup all sites on a hosting server, without having to worry about clogging hosting resources.

Disaster Recovery

BountySite offers on demand hosting in an event of unplanned downtime for sites, with pay per use billing. Sites are brought live using backup data on cloud environment.

Easy Restores

BountySite allows you to quickly recover from an event of data loss or hacked files or accidental data overwrites. Full site or individual file or database can be easily restored.

Pay per subscription

BountySite offers pay per subscription model so that you only pay for what you need. You no longer have to fit your requirements in a plan. Backup services are billed per GB.


BountySite notifies all users under notification group to receive notifications on web and on mail. Unread web notifications are alerted on top of menu. You will never miss a notification unread.

Cloud Backup : Enterprise Plan - Global Region Availability