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Find my storage IP

Storage IP address could be needed to add remote mysql host, for Direct MySQL backup. Each site could be provisioned on separate host. Login to BountySite control panel and choose site from the dropdown, for which we need to find the provisioned storage IP. Go to DB Backup(Side menu > Manage site and bacup > DB Backup). IP address can be found as shown below highlighted in box.

Get storage IP

View Backup Logs

You can view backup history for individual site. Backup History * On right top panel, you can choose drop down to either Show All which will show all backups irrespective if any modifications were downloaded; or Mods only to show only backups with downloaded bytes. The page loads automatically when changing the option. * Choose to see backup history of Web files or Database

Detailed summary of the backup You can also view details backup logs of all sites under Backup Log page, as shown below. Backup Log