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Restoring websites

BountySite performs a backup first before a restore, in order to backup the latest changes. Also the restores are only differential, meaning only the files which need to be replaced are uploaded.

Easy Restore

Web(Code) and database can be restored to their respective revisions/snapshots. When performing database restores do note that all databases are restored. Individual db restore is not supported, yet.

To perform Easy Restore, go to Sidebar > Manage sites and backup > Easy Restore.

Easy Restore

Each revision is mentioned wrt to timestamp in UTC, when the changes were committed.

Restore Code and Database separately

You can also restore web(code) and database separately, without having to do both. To perform Easy Restore, go to Sidebar > Manage sites and backup > File Browser. To restore web or database, choose Type: dropdown option. Click on Restore button corresponding to the version you want to restore to. Note that in this page, you can also view Commit Date in your local timezone(Topbar > Settings > Switch between GMT and your timezone).


Auto Restore

Dormant Site Protection

Often, the sites which are idle(not running uptodate software) are targetted. BountySite provides these sites with a layer of security by reverting the site back to pristine version. Auto revert works for web(code) files only.

BountySite provides with Stable operating mode for this purpose. To enable Stable operating mode, the following is needed:-

  • We need to choose a stable revision(pristine revision, that the site should always be or expected to be). Sidebar > Manage sites and backup > File Browser and click on Set Stable corresponding to the revision that is pristine.
  • On topbar, click on Mode and choose Stable.

That is all!