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Managing FileTrail


All FileTrail options are under one Manage page(SideMenu > Security > Filetrail). On top corner of the page, there are multiple options. Manage FileTrail

Lets take a look at each of the options.

Schedule Backup

This queues up a backup job for FileTrail client to schedule backup. You can either wait for hourly probe request or create probe file to schedule a backup immediately.


View current jobs in Queue. Job status can be:-

  • New : Job scheduled and waiting for FileTrail client(server for backup) to pick up the job. Jobs can be removed by clicking on the Remove button.
  • Accepted: Job has been accepted and is running on client. In cases the client is killed, the job status will always remain in Accepted status.
  • COMPLETED : Job was finished successfully
  • ERROR : Job finished with errors


Backup and FileTrail settings can be changed. The following values are allowed to be modified:-

  • Backup hour : UTC backup hour can be changed
  • Backup day : You can disable or change the backup
  • Retention : Number of backups to retain on destination storage


View File Modifications

You can view file modifications between backup jobs. Click on View Modifications button, to see file difference between current backup and previous backup. As on date, you cannot view files on first backup.

+    /root/.cache/restic/4f30cc085061bf195636daac0f71602882802fb0feebb016dfc8c44fdfcff39f/version
+    /root/.cache/restic/CACHEDIR.TAG
M    /root/.viminfo
M    /usr/local/bountysite/bin/
-    /var/cache/.bountysite/.cache/

  • + means that a new file was added
  • M implies that the file was modified
  • - implies that the file was deleted

Restore files

On Manage FileTrail page, click on Restore Snapshot on the corresponding time(UTC). Enter the folder absolute pathname which needs to be restored. Only directory is allowed to be restored.

Check Queue for status, and the folder on destination the restored files can be found.