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SSHTrail is a SSH gateway(jump server/Bastion Host/jumpbox), managing access and tracking server changes. SSHTrail also can replay login sessions using asciinema.

Features Overview

  • Mandatory 2FA for system administrators along with key based login
  • Track ssh commands per user or per host
  • Replay whole/active login sessions using asciinema
  • Easily map user to host access control
  • Server change log
  • Manage server user login, by copying SSHTrail public key
  • Useful for compliance standards
  • Protected SSHTrail private key


SSHTrail centralises ssh access control and keeps track of server changes made by administrators. It is recommended to deploy on dedicated VPS or host. SSHTrail runs on dedicated sshd service and records the whole login session using an amazing tool asciinema. SSHTrail has layer of security with apparmor.

SSHTrail runs on debian stretch and needs minimal system requirement needed for running Debian OS. It is also recommended to have SSHTrail host near the destination server, for good responsive shell.

Running ssh on different port is no longer secure. With services like shodan, ssh on different port can be easily detected. Using SSHTrail, you can only allow ssh login from SSHTrail, which provides an additional layer of security.

Known issues

  • Login prompt occassionaly is slow to respond
  • Occassional issues in ssh session in editor mode(vi/nano). Currently, editor output is displayed as command.