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Getting Started

Site owner

Site owners can sign up and add a layer of security to their websites using simple steps. The sign up does not need any credit card information and you can add sites and opt for Free trials, before going for paid subscription.

Visit our main website page and click on SIGN UP


Create Account Page

Create Account

  • Enter your first name, as in your government identity proof
  • Enter your last name, as in your identity proof
  • Enter your mail id, which will be used for correspondence. Note: You cannot change mail id later.
  • Enter your company name or leave blank for personal use
  • Enter your company address or personal address, with Street, City and State information
  • Enter your contact number, in case BountySite support needs to contact you. You can include ISD country code prefixing like +91 or you can just enter without the country code.
  • Enter your country of residence or company head office
  • Please read the Terms of Service before signing up. Click Terms of service checkbox and click on Sign Up button If there are any errors on the form, the form will print errors on submission. If there are no errors, you will be prompted with a message saying "Signed Up Successfully". You will receive mail with signup details.

BountySite respects your privacy. The contact details provided are only used for BountySite related services and communications.

Set New Account

After submiting the previous form, BountySite sends a clear text mail with activation details. The mail has a link which redirects to a password reset page where you can set password.

Signup email

Please use unique password for BountySite, which is not used in any other login. BountySite recommends using password manager tools like Keepassx, LastPass etc. Password needs to be atleast 10 characters long with, atleast 1 uppercase character, 1 numeral and 1 special character.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your BountySite account.

Add new site

You need a website to be able to subscribe for any BountySite services. Since, this is your first login to BountySite control panel you will prompted to add a new site. Add Site

Enter the name of the website you want to protect. You can enter subdomains, but domain with www is considered as the actual domain name. So is considered as Avoid entering "www" in sitename.

After adding site

You can add another site or go to buy packages. Choose Free Trials to try out services without having to pay.

Hosting Provider/Reseller

BountySite allows Hosting providers to add value and revenue by reselling BountySite services to their customers. BountySite primarily adds a layer of security to the hosting infrastructure.

BountySite provides with storage servers near hosting infrastructure for best performance results and hence nodes are deployed on demand.

To get started, contact us.