BountySite Website Backup Features


Time Machine

BountySite is a time machine for websites with unlimited restore points. You can easily restore your website to any date back in time. Web files and databases are maintained in individual revision control system, providing more control on restores.

Light Weight

BountySite backup has been designed to take less resources on Hosting server. BountySite detects file changes and downloads only modified files after initial complete backup. This process ensures that there is little read I/O on server.

Intuitive Interface

BountySite provides site owners with a very simple interface to manage all BountySite services. Each page is documented briefly with screenshots. Non technical users can manage all BountySite operations. All sites can be managed under single login.

Malware Scanning

BountySite detects common malwares post backup, by running offline scans and by looking up malware database. Malwares files are marked and notified. BountySite also enumerates files installed by CMS to isolate files for intensive scanning.


BountySite maintains change history of your site, right from initial backup, allowing you to restore your site to any point back in time. Web files and databases are revisioned separately to give granular level control on restores.

Malware Removal

BountySite makes malware removal, a walk in the park. You no longer have to splurge on removing malware. Just a simple file restore can set your site to its pristine version. Yes! BountySite allows you to restore individual files.

File Changes

BountySite notifies website owner on file modifications allowing website owner to detect unauthorized files changes, and hence be able to restore quickly. This ensures that the site does not go to blacklisting phase, ensuring piece of mind.

File Explorer

BountySite allows you to browse site files, back in time and download or restore individual files. The whole website snapshot can also be downloaded for browsing locally. File details like file type, used disk size and modified time can also be seen.

File Compression

BountySite compresses all files to ensure that you get maximum juice out of space alloted. BountySite prices backup per GB of used space. If space consumed is more than bought, BountySite allows you to upgrade.

RBACL Interface

BountySite allows you to delegate tasks to your team, with Role Based Access Control. Developers can manage backups, and accounts team can manage billing, without giving full access to the system.

Login Security

BountySite allows users to secure their logins, to avoid account hijacking. User can configure to restrict login to source IP Address or range of IP Addresses, or source Country, or have 2 Step Authentication with One Time Password delivered over email.

Encrypted Storage

BountySite uses industry standard AES 256 encryption to store all data. Redundant backup data is also stored in an encrypted partition. Your data is in safe hands.


BountySite records internal operational logs which are viewable to individual users on control panel. This helps in troubleshooting issues on your own, immediately. Control panel access logs are also stored and available for view. The logs can be downloaded in CSV format.

Auto Revert

BountySite offers you with backup Stable operating mode for idle sites(sites with no/less frequent file changes), to set a version to restore to, automatically. When backup detects file changes, it is reverted back to a predefined state.

Time Machine

Scalable Cloud Platform

BountySite has been engineered to scale linearly and to cater to millions of websites.

  • play_arrowBountiSites provides multiple options to securely store your website data
  • play_arrowBountySite's scalable cloud platform scales as per your needs
  • play_arrowBountySite has been designed modularly, allowing high level of control
  • play_arrowBountySite will continue to innovate to provide high reliability, at a very affordable cost
Backup Security

BountySite's primary focus is security and ensures that no matter what you choose, you always get the best security.

  • play_arrowStorage on AES 256 bit encryption
  • play_arrowFree maleware scanning
  • play_arrowAll internal APIs run on SSL
  • play_arrowDownload file is password protected
  • play_arrowARP spoof protection
  • play_arrowMultiple storage options available
  • play_arrowFile changes are notified over email

Bountisites offer you with advanced solution to manage your restore giving more control in your hands.

  • play_arrowRestore web or database with a single click
  • play_arrowRestore individual files with a single click
  • play_arrowNo need to Restore database if only web files are to be relesed
  • play_arrowFiles are backedup before a restore
Metered billing

BountySite allows you to pay only for what you really need.

  • play_arrowPay per GB per site
  • play_arrowPay only for features you want
  • play_arrowUnlimited databases per site host
  • play_arrowChoose a solution that fits your needs
  • play_arrowPay only for threats detected with Bounty Security
Control panel

BountySite provides you with a simple and easy control panel to manage your site backup and security.

  • play_arrowVery simple control panel allowing users with no technical knowledge to manage
  • play_arrowEach page has a corresponding document page
  • play_arrowBilling management
  • play_arrowProvisioning system
  • play_arrowManage multiple site backup under one control panel
  • play_arrowNotification system sends email and is stored on control panel, and hence you never miss messages
Application Enumeration

BountySite tries to enumerate installed application version, to efficiently run scans on files.

  • play_arrowFiles are categorized as known/unknown/malicious/suspicious
  • play_arrowKnown files are files which are part of popular CMSes or common open source applications
  • play_arrowUnknown files are files which are not part of the above, which could be image, pdf.
  • play_arrowOffline scanning focuses on these files primarily
  • play_arrowSuspicious files are tagged based on our internal engine, without able to positively confirm that the file is malicious
  • play_arrowMalicious files are malware or infected files, which have been positively confirmed
Backup Protocols

BountySite supports most commonly used file transfer protocols on Hosting environment, and will continue adding support, as and when necessary.

  • play_arrowSupports FTP/FTPS/SFTP(SSH) protocol to backup data
  • play_arrowSupport for Remote MySQL backup
  • play_arrowRemote MySQL backup over SSH tunnel or directly
  • play_arrowPassive mode of data transfer for FTP/FTPS
  • play_arrow *New We now support MySQL Backup/Restore over PHP, with script available from your site's control panel. BountySite calls this script over https, for secure database backup
Incremental Backup

BountySite backs up full website data once, and later only backs up changes with respect to initial full backup.

  • play_arrowIncremental backup downloads only changes in files on the site
  • play_arrowVery low resources used on hosting server
  • play_arrowPerfect solution for hosting vendors
  • play_arrowEasy to track site file changes
Revision Control System

BountySite maintains revisions of your website changes along with backup. Revisions are named with UTC time, as the time when file changes were versioned.

  • play_arrowRevisions are maintained right from first full backup
  • play_arrowWeb and Database revisions are versioned differently
  • play_arrowDownload full site or individual file from previous revisions
  • play_arrowTraverse through files back in time


Login Security

BountySite offers layers of security for logging into control panel.

  • play_arrowAdd 2 step authentication on login, with OTP sent over mail
  • play_arrowRestrict logins from specific IP addresses
  • play_arrowRestrict logins from specific countries
  • play_arrow 2FA(Two Factor Authentication) coming soon
Bounty Security

BountySite offers the revolutionary new concept of Bounty program for Hosting environment, where all the hunting is done in-house.

  • play_arrowPay per threat with medium or more severity
  • play_arrowA threat can be a malicious file or vulnerable code
  • play_arrowProactive solution to add security to your site
  • play_arrowOffline security scanning
Role Based Access Control

BountySite offers multi user support, allowing delegation of management.

  • play_arrowMulti user support
  • play_arrowDelegate access to your developer without giving full access
  • play_arrowManage your time effectively
  • play_arrowGranular level of access control, which can be changed when needed
  • play_arrowEnable/Disable user

BountySite logs all changes made on BountySite control panel to track when and who made a change. You can track upto last 3months, and older ones will be archived and can be produced on demand

  • play_arrowAccess logs shows you the details of page access and sitename
  • play_arrowAccess log provides you with time, site, originating IP, username, page, changed values, user agent and http referer
  • play_arrowBountySite provides you with log of backup, allowing you to troubleshoot issues on your own
  • play_arrowBountySite provides hosting providers and resellers with more logs, to help support their customers
Logging for Hosting Providers/Resellers

BountySite has been designed keeping Hosting providers and resellers in mind. All customer logs under the account, can be viewed. Support can be provided with help of following log informations:-

  • play_arrowAccess Log : Access logs of control panel
  • play_arrowBackup Log : Backup logs
  • play_arrowMalicious Log : Catches unauthorized attempts to hack
  • play_arrowProvisioning Queue : Check details of order provisioning
  • play_arrowError Log : Control panel exceptions are logged, which helps in troubleshooting issues
  • play_arrow Suspension Queue : See what domains have gone into suspension
  • play_arrowProvisioning Log : In case of provisioning failure, check the reason
  • play_arrowRule Log : Track all events post backup job
Stable Operating Mode

For sites with no or less frequent file modifications, Stable operating mode helps in auto restoring site modifications to a predefined state

  • play_arrow Choose a stable revision for web, which you want as expected state
  • play_arrowOn backup, if there are any file modifications, they are considered as unauthorized changes and are reverted back
  • play_arrowSo, new files are deleted, and modified/deleted files are reverted back to the revision chosen by you
  • play_arrowSite modifications are still versioned, so you never loose any changes