Intuitive Backup Control Panel


Simple dashboard with all details for a website. Get details of space usage, file changes, data backed up etc.


BountySite uses GMT as default timezone for all operations. You can easily switch to your local timezone for easy reference. 

Per Site Management

Easily switch between multiple websites for managing your operations.

Simple and Intuitive

Easy to use and simple interface to perform operations, without needing a steep learning curve.

Errors Management

Exceptions always do occur no matter what coding practises and principles one follows. Every exception raises a internal ticket that is regularly fixed.

Track Logs

We track the following logs:-
1. Access Logs: Tracks login with IP Address and changes made to backup. Easy to use search filters to refine logs.
2. Backup Logs: View backup logs for each website for details on when the backup was run.
3. Backup History: View backup summary overview of backup jobs.
4. Provisioning Log(for partners): View account provisioning details and Provisioning Queue for order status.
5. Malicious Log(for partners): View malicious hacking attempts.
6. Error Log(for partners): View exceptions occured in control panel
7. Rule Log(for partners): View various stages of scanning and processes post backup job.

Two Step Authentication

OTP password sent over mail for added security login. 2FA coming soon.

IP restrictions

You can add specific IP addresses(eg Office IP. home static IP), which will be the only allowed IPs for login.

IP Country restrictions

You can also allow your country for logins.

Login Time restrictions

You can restrict logins based on UTC hours, where you can specific work hours during which login is allowed.

Multi User

You can add subusers to delegate controls by assigning specific roles. RBACL(Role Based Access Control) based permission assignment.

Manage Backup role

Allows user to manage and configure backups 

Restore role

Permissions to perform a website restore.

Manage Security role

Allow user to view and manage security related actions.


Inbuilt documentation for every page with search


Inbuilt ticketing system to log and track support


Get information on upcoming or ongoing maintenance operations

Chat Support

Optional chat support available within the control panel to get instant help

About Us

BountySite is a Website Threat Hunting Platform for proactively securing websites without impacting hosting server resources.


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sales (at} bountysite {dot} com

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