Free Plan

Something is better than nothing

BountySite offers you website backup space for 0$ (Absolutely free) for 1GB website backup.

  • play_arrow1GB backup space includes 1 website and 1 database
  • play_arrowHigher utilization will be suspended automatically and deleted
  • play_arrowIdeal for small websites with CMS
  • play_arrowThere is no reason to not have a backup

BountySite offers cost effective storage solution with same level of storage security, as all our offerings.

  • play_arrowNo Backup Redundancy(RAID0)
  • play_arrowOnly one copy of data in single hard drive
  • play_arrowHigh chances of data failure
  • play_arrowFile compression
  • play_arrowARP spoof protection
  • play_arrowBackup Sync available to replicate backup to any S3 compliant storage or BackBlaze

Economy Plan

Cost effective storage with no limit

Economy plan add data redundancy to storage with a RAID1.

  • play_arrowAll features of Free plan
  • play_arrowPay per GB at 1$ per 2 GB
  • play_arrowNo limit on databases
  • play_arrowFree trials available
  • play_arrowUpgrade whenever necessary
  • play_arrowAll Basic Backup
  • play_arrowRAID1 backup redundancy

Enterprise Plan

Most Recommended Plan

BountySite offers you to leverage cloud storage to have high reliability of data, with replica to multiple locations.

  • play_arrowPay per GB at 1.00$ per GB
  • play_arrowChoose nearest location for fast backup and restores
  • play_arrowFree trials available
  • play_arrowUpgrade whenever necessary
  • play_arrowDigital Ocean block storage
  • play_arrowRedundant backup to AWS S3
  • play_arrowHigh data failure resillience
  • play_arrowVery low provisioning for best/guaranteed performance
Global Region Availability
  • play_arrow US West Coast - San Francisco
  • play_arrow US Central - Dallas
  • play_arrow US East Coast - New York
  • play_arrow Canada - Toronto
  • play_arrow UK, EU West - London
  • play_arrow EU Central - Frankfurt
  • play_arrow APAC - India
  • play_arrow APAC - Singapore