Add Security to your Website for Free

Add Security to your Website for Free

Grab the introductory offer and protect your websites today for free. Hurry! Offer lasts only till stock exists.

Introductory Offer

BountySite is offering you with free website backup to protect your website. Sign up for free, here.

Current free plans:-

  • Free Plan: 1GB Website Backup with 1 MySQL database per website, for 1 Year ( +1 Year on request)


Here are some features that you can avail with this service.

  • BountySite is your Website Time Machine
  • Weekly Automated Backup
  • Unlimited snapshots with revisioning system
  • Industry Standard AES-256 bit Encrypted Storage
  • Dormant Site Protection: Auto revert file changes using Stable Operating Mode
  • If MySQL Remote is not available for backup, use Mysql Backup over HTTPS to backup MySQL
  • Blacklisting Checks
  • Optimize Page Speed
  • Site file change notification
  • cPanel and Wordpress plugin to schedule backup post site changes, without logging into BountySite
  • Forum Support: After creating BountySite account, you can create a forum account with any alias name using the same email as BountySite account
  • Free RCA(Root Cause Analysis): Report site infections and get a free report
  • [Limited time] Free vulnerability detection and security patches
  • Feature rich control panel
  • Lots more

Layers of Security

Security is all about adding layers. No matter what security tool you have, BountySite adds a layer of security to your website. Here are some layers of protection for your website.

Website Time Machine

Websites are automatically backed up into a revisioning system. Only the first backup of files is a full backup. Subsequently, only incremental backups are performed wrt to the previous backup.

Website backup with no impact on hosting server

The backup storage also stores only the increment changes in text files, and hence the storage space does not grow exponentially. BountySite allows to restore to any point back in time. You can also browse through files back in time and restore the file individually.

BountySite gives you the option to track history of individual file and view differences wrt any version. This helps you dig out malicious code  very easily.

Site File Change Notification

Often the case, when a website is hacked, site owners find out when it is too late. The website has already gone into blacklisting, and beyond Hosting Provider's backup retention period, if at all the Hosting provider does maintain backup. Removing malwares costs dear and loosing site reputation is a bigger loss. All the hard work in SEO and site optimization gone to dust.

With BountySite backup, site owner is notified immediately of changes in website files. If the file modifications are malicious, site owner can quickly restore the site back to pristine version. Since BountySite maintains backup in a revisioning system, it is very easy to restore past typical Hosting Provider's backup retention(which is 7 or max 14 days).

Now, all the site owner has to do is below:-

  • Restore back to pristine version
  • Upgrade all applications(core, plugins, themes etc)
  • Reset all user passwords
  • Remove outdated/un-maintained plugins/themes
  • Double check user registration and default role. Lookout for suspicious user
  • Initiate a BountySite backup

In summary:-

  • File change notifications help site owner restore the site quickly, without going into blacklisting phase
  • Simple restore to get site back online
  • Fix the vulnerability and initiate a backup

Free Plan comes with Weekly backup only. Use wordpress plugin or Backup REST API to schedule backups post making modifications.

Dormant Site Protection

Usually websites are budgeted for coming up online, and they are forgotten there after. Unfortunately, maintaining web presence is also as important as building website. Over a period of time, outdated applications miss security patches, making the website vulnerable.

BountySite helps such sites to prevent from hosting malicious code, using Stable operating mode. This is not a perfect solution, but it gives time to check the issue and fix. Site owner can choose a version of web files, and mark at as "Stable". If the backup detects any modification with respect to Stable revision, the files are reverted back automatically to the Stable revision.

Free Root Cause Analysis

BountySite also provides site owner with an option to report revision as malicious. BountySite will investigate the possible causes of the malware infection and release vulnerability detection and corresponding security patches. This will greatly help BountySite to protect other sites.

Join the BountySite revolution

Intelligent Malware Scans

BountySite scans all the files for evolving malwares. The scanning is very optimized to use less resources with no false positives. The malware scans are automatically queued post site backup job. BountySite can easily introduce artificial intelligence in learning malwares.

Vulnerability Detection and Security Patches

BountySite also constantly releases signatures to catch vulnerabilities or  a weakness in the website code that can lead the website to be hacked. BountySite also releases security patches that fixes the weakness in discovered security code. This helps in proactively fixing websites. These features are being currently offered for free.

Do note that, except for website backup, all the above is done on storage. So, hosting server resources are not used, which is a huge gain.

BountySite makes security transparent and simple. We always believe in solving security at root level.

What are you waiting for?

Be proactive and protect your website right now with a free signup.

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