BountySite allows you to auto revert file changes without manual intervention using Stable Operating mode. This is useful for idle sites, which are most commonly targeted by malicious hackers.

We previously saw differential backups and restores. Now lets do set our backup to auto revert all file changes. This is useful for sites, which do not have file changes.

Step 1 : Pick pristine revision

We first need to decide a revision, which we consider as pristine and want to ensure that live website file always has the same content as pristine revision. Previously we chose 2019-02-02 10:00:38 UTC as pristine revision. We will set this version as our "Stable" revision.

We will go to File Browser page(Sidebar -> Manage sites and backup -> File Browser).

Pristine revision

We will click on "Set Stable" to mark this as the revision it should revert to, on any file changes in backup. Call this auto restore file changes.

Step 2 : Change Operating Mode to Stable

We will now change the operating mode to Stable, by click on Mode on topbar, as shown below.

Operating mode dropdown

We will click on Stable, and that is it.

Stable mode set

We will test by creating a new file /virus.txt and running a backup.

04-Feb-2019 12:47:01 GMT : ( [RestoreSite] Restore: Total Files Summary {'A': [], 'M': [], 'D': [u'virus.txt']}

We see that the file /virus.txt was automatically marked for removal and removed., without having to manually having to restore.

What if there is a file change to be done? Say, application upgrade

In this case, you can:-

  • change the operating mode to Active
  • make file changes to your site
  • schedule a backup
  • post backup completion, choose the latest revision as Stable revision
  • set operating mode back to Stable