Website backup in BackBlaze

Website backup in BackBlaze

This article is about having your website backup on BackBlaze. BountySite provides with an addon Backup Sync, which allows to transfer a copy of your website backup to your own BackBlaze account.

In this article, we assume that you already have a BountySite account with backup configured for a site. We also assume that you have created your BackBlaze B2 Cloud Storage account. Lets quickly get on to B2(BackBalze) bucket creation.

Create new Bucket

Log into your B2 account and go to buckets, and create a new private bucket.

Create Bucket

"Show Account ID and Application Key" manages application key required to access buckets via API.

We will create a new bucket as shown below.

New private bucket

By default B2 enables versioning of files. To disable versioning, edit Lifecycle Settings and keep only latest version.

Keep latest file only

New Application Key

Lets create a new application key required for BountySite to upload your website backup archive. Click on "Show Account ID and Application Key" on bucket page.

Click on Create New Master Application Key to create a new key.

  • Provide with name of the key
  • Allow access to the newly created bucket only
  • Provide write access to allow upload
  • Click on Create Application Key
New application key

Copy application key.

Created new application key

Configure Backup Sync

Subscribe for free trial for Backup Sync for your website. We need the following information to configure Backup Sync(Sidemenu > Manage Availability > Backup Sync):-

  • URL: For Backblaze enter dummy url
  • Bucket: Enter bucket name that was created
  • Backup Sync Access Key: Enter applicationKeyId of the new key
  • Backup Sync Secret Key: Enter the new application key, which was auto generated by B2.

Upload backup to B2

To induce Backup Sync after backup, we need to make a small site change. We will update robots.txt with an empty line and upload the file. We now schedule backup(Sidebar > Manage sites and backup > Backup History).

You can confirm by downloading the contents from bucket directly from web browser.

Upload Confirmation 

Congratulations! You have successfully created Backup Sync to copy website archive to BackBlaze.

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