Backup your GoDaddy Managed WordPress site

Backup your GoDaddy Managed WordPress site

This blog is to backup your GoDaddy Managed wordpress site. Previously, we have seen how to backup GoDaddy hosting account. Managed WordPress is a little different, where we will have to configure database credentials separately.

We will step right into the configuration part. GoDaddy provides with SFTP access, but no shell access for Managed WordPress Hosting. We cannot use SSH Tunnel for database backup. We can use Direct Mysql to backup database.


  • FTP Protocol - SFTP
  • MySQL backup - Direct Mysql
  • Application - WordPress

Gathering Details

We need the following details:

  • FTP IP address and port
  • FTP username and password
  • Database credentials

Login to your GoDaddy control panel, and click on manage for corresponding Wordpress site.

Manage wordpress

In settings tab, you can expand to get details of IP adddress.

Expand settings

Click on View button for SFTP user to get SFTP port and SFTP password details.

SFTP Details

Database credentials can be fetched from Setting panel, by clicking on View Database phpmyadmin. Note that the database name is same as the database user name.

Database details

Configure FTP

Login to your BountySite control panel and choose the sitename from the drop down. Go to Sidemenu > Manage sites and backup > Configure Backup.

SFTP Configure

In next step, enter FTP web directory as '/'.

FTP Credentials

Configure Database

In BountySite control panel go to DB Backup(Sidemenu > Manage sites and backup > DB backup). Enter the credentials obtained from GoDaddy manage settings page. Choose Mysql backup mode as MysqlDirect. Before adding database, make sure you verify credentials.

Run first backup

Its time to run first backup now. Go to backup history page(Sidemenu > Manage sites and backup > Backup History). Click on Schedule Backup now to initiate backup request.

That is all! You have configured backup for your GoDaddy Managed WordPress site.

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