How to backup your GoDaddy Website?

How to backup your GoDaddy Website?

This blog shows you how to backup your website hosted on GoDaddy on any of web hosting plans, excluding Managed WordPress hosting. GoDaddy is an American publicly traded web hosting company, based out of Arizona. GoDaddy is the largest web hosting company in the world.

Benefits from BountySite for GoDaddy website

BountySite provides GoDaddy websites with site backup and security scanning. Some key benefits are:-

  • Minimal Storage space: BountySite uses git to keep snapshots of website backup. Versions are maintained by storing only the differences. Media files often don't go through several changes. Hence, backup storage space is always minimal.
  • Multiple revisions per day: BountySite maintains revisions/snapshots based on site changes only. Meaning, if there were multiple site changes made in a day, then each backup would create separate snapshots. GoDaddy backups maintain per day snapshots only. BountySite provides with unlimited restore points.
  • Transfer data to own cloud storage: With addon Backup Sync, site owners can transfer all snapshots of the site to own public cloud storage accounts. BountySite as of today, supports any S3 compliant and BackBlaze. The data archive is password protected and pushed to cloud storage every time there is a change in the website.
  • File Difference: BountySite provides with an option to view  differences for text files.
  • Blacklist monitoring: BountySite provides with free Blacklist monitoring service, to ensure that you are not affected because of neighboring site infection or enlisted in SPAM database.
  • PageSpeed Optimization: BountySite provides with an option to optimize static files, so that sites can load faster.

Let's get started

If you don't already have a BountySite account, create one by visiting this link. Here is how to get help.

If you already have a BountySite account, add a new site.

Enable SFTP access in GoDaddy

By default SFTP access is disabled. To enable SFTP login to your GoDaddy account, and manage your hosting account.

GoDaddy Control Panel

Click on Settings panel and enable SFTP access as shown below.

Enable SFTP


In this example, we will backup a Joomla site.

  • FTP Protocol - SFTP
  • MySQL backup - SSHTunnel
  • Application - Joomla
  • San Francisco Enterprise Plan

There is no need to manually add database config, as the credentials are automatically imported and backup is run.

In your BountySite control panel, and in topbar dropdown menu, choose your sitename. Go to Side menu > Configure Backup menu to configure backup.

Enter FTP details:

  • FTP Protocol - SFTP
  • FTP Hostname - IP Address from the settings. It is recommended to enter IP address than hostname
  • Port Number - 22
Configure Backup

On Next page, configure as following:-

  • FTP web directory - /public_html
  • FTP username  as from GoDaddy settings
  • FTP password
  • Click on Verify FTP Details to confirm your credentials
FTP Credentials

On Next page, leave blank for file inclusions and submit. Refer here for more details.

Schedule backup and you can confirm if the database as automatically added by visiting Backup Log(Sidemenu -> Log > Backup Log). Search for respective site for the message "Automatically added database xxxxx from backup - Joomla" and check backup history for corresponding website.

Congratulations! Your GoDaddy website backup has been successfully created. Stay secure!

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