Crowdsourcing Website Malwares

Crowdsourcing Website Malwares

BountySite was built to add a layer of security to webhosting infrastructure. A part of this goal is to detect ever evolving malwares. What better way than Crowdsourcing?

Site owners can now avail free account, where they can report malwares not detected by BountySite. In return, BountySite will provide with free RCA(Root Cause Analysis) of the attack. This offer is only valid for open source applications. Going forward, BountySite will not charge website owners for malwares and will be offered as part of website backup.

Free plans

BountySite provides with Free Bounty plans for site owners to protect your websites.

Free Plan comes with 1GB backup space and 1 database and Standard plan comes with 10GB backup space with n databases per site. The performance of Free Plan is better in terms of I/O than Standard Plan.

BountySite provides with basic layers of security for your website by maintaining unlimited restore points of your website.


  • Weekly internally scheduled backups
  • AES 256 bit encrypted storage
  • Dormant Site protection(auto revert file changes)
  • MySQL Backup over HTTP with MysqlOverPHPS
  • Blacklisting monitoring
  • Optimizing PageSpeed
  • Free Security Patches
  • Site file change monitoring
  • Forum Support. After signing up, create an account with the same email id as in BountySite Control Panel, with any alias name. It is better to create alias name that does not reveal your sites or company, as a security measure.
  • cPanel Plugin and wordpress plugin available to schedule backups. These plugins can be used to schedule backup instantly after making changes to website. For example, you have just published a wordpress article and you want to backup the site immediately. With in the wordpress admin page, wordpress bountysite plugin can help you schedule backup immediately. The backup job is queued immediately.

Default Layer of Security

How do I find out my site is infected?

BountySite detects file changes in every backup and reports via mail and through BountySite Control Panel. As a site owner, you can judge if the file changes are suspicious.

Detecting malwares early is crucial, as you cannot afford your site to go into Blacklisting. With Paid plans, BountySite provides daily backups and with Hosting unlimited plans, Inotify based backup trigger option is available.

What do I do when I find something suspicious?

First and foremost, you can revert your site back to known pristine revision. And then do the following:-

  • Check if your application is up to date
  • Check if plugins are up to date
  • Check if any plugin is not maintained for a long time and see if it is really necessary. Remove unwanted plugins
  • Reset all passwords
  • Schedule backup

Reporting Malwares

We are currently in the process of building vulnerability database. In an event, your website is infected and BountySite does not detect, you can report the incident. We will perform free analysis of the attack and provide with Root Cause.

After you sign up and configure backup for your website, you can go to BountySite Control Panel Sidebar > Manage sites and backup > File Browser. You can report a specific site revision as suspicious by clicking on Report, corresponding to vulnerable revision. This will queue up your request for analysis.

Reporting undetected malwares

Be assured that your site can be restored back to any point since first backup with BountySite.

Why should you care?

  • Not only are you helping another site owner, you are benefiting from someone else report too
  • Catch new variants of malwares
  • Free malware detection on BountySite
  • With Root Cause Analysis, we also internally build our vulnerability database along with Security patches. With security patches, the vulnerability is nullified and the exploit fails. So, this helps protect other sites from getting infected, which is BountySite's goal of Proactive Security.

Don't wait anymore, just sign up today and protect your website. Be proactive!

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