This blog shows how differential backups run on BountySite.

BountySite backups all files for the first time only, post which all backups are differential with respect to previous backups. In previous blog, we have seen how to configure backup in a minute.

We will make few modifications on site:-

  • Some comments added to wp-blog-header.php
  • New file virus.txt with EICAR

We will now schedule backup. BountySite queues the job into existing  queue, but is put ahead of all jobs.

Schedule Backup

BountySite compares existing files in the master branch with the live site files, and picks up only changes.

Differential backup

To get details of filenames added/deleted/modified, click on Commit Time row corresponding to latest backup.

File changes

You can also view list of all files, by going File Types page(Sidebar -> Manage sites and backup -> File Types).

Unknown recent files

Files tagged unknown are files which are not part of any known repository. /virus.txt is still in queue to undergo virus scanning, and is tagged malicious, with a mail notification. To get file modification history for file /wp-blog-header.php, we can click on the filename, to investigate further on the changes.

Individual file modification history

On the right hand tab, we will choose new revision and old revision to see file differences, and click on Submit.

File Diff

This feature helps in looking at the differences of individual file. Going through file list can be difficult, and hence there is another way to get file change history. Go to Sidebar -> Manage sites and backup -> File Browser, to see all change history of current website.

Site change history

Click on Explore corresponding to the latest revision.

Time Machine files

In the bottom of each file, there are four icons names RestoreFile, DownloadFile, File Change History and last modified time respectively. Click on File Change History, will go to the same page, where we performed a file diff previously.

Post malware scanning virus.txt was tagged malicious, as seen in File Types page.

File post malware scanning

BountySite hides all complexities away for a user, and tries to simplify website backup management and security.