The New Bountysite

The New Bountysite

BountySite has gone through a major overhaul and built from scratch with unnecessary features removed. Without wasting your time, here is a look at some key highlights.

Only for Hosting Providers

BountySite is now offering services only via Hosting Providers. This means a fully private labelled platform, for hosting providers to add value and revenue. Plans available from Pay as you Go to Enterprise plan, covering all hosting providers.

Decentralized Frontend Control Panel

Previous design only allowed storage nodes across the globe. Now the frontend can also be globally placed. User logins are now issued with tokens to talk to storage via API.

Hardened OS

BountySite now operates on a hardened OS providing several layers of protection by default.

Multi User account provisioning

Each website backup account is now provisioned as individual user, and all respective jobs run as the same user. All logs and backup related data are available within the user account. An account breach, will limit losses to one site only.

Faster UI

Control Panel UI has been made significantly faster and simpler.

Database Backup

Database backup has been revamped to backup database into independent tables. It is easier to view table differences for every snapshot.

Security Scanning Revoked

All security scanners have been removed, cause file change detection beats all malware scanners and this saves lot of resources in favor of vertical scaling.

APIs revoked

Backup and Provisioning API have been removed to keep the system simple, clean and manageable.

Several Layers of Security

FTP Hosts can now only be added post approval. IDS, WAF and always security work in progress strategy. Onion Security model.

Itemized Features

Several options added as toggle, to create product tiers you need to cater to your customers.

Minified Source

Overall code has been reduced to about 20% which makes it easy to audit and manage the platform.