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BountySite offers you simple and effective means to ensure your website security. BountySite offers bug bounty program for finding vulnerabilities in your websites at an affordable cost, before it is too late. Hence, letting website owners avoid all the hassles to clean up an infected site.

Google blacklists close to 20,000 infected websites a week, and the number is only increasing by about 30% every year. Most commonly infected sites are run by open-source Content Management Systems(CMS), and over 80% cases are due to old versions. Site owners subscribe for security services only after they have been infected, and have to shell out, to get their website whitelisted.

Proactive Security

BountySite offers you a proactive means to find vulnerabilities in websites, by simply backing up your website, maintaining revisions and running regular scans. Website owner only has to pay for a reported vulnerability. Every file in website is scanned for malware, and is reported to the site owner.


Websites are backed up incrementally everyday, which means that only changes in files are downloaded and committed in version control system. If you know you have not made any changes or not expecting file changes in your website and backup reports a new or modified file, you know that it is a suspicious file that is to be checked.
Reverting back infected website to its pristine version is now very easy in your hands.
Web backup and DB backup are maintained separately to give granular control of reverting back.
Files are stored in an encrypted storage.

One Dollar Bounty

We charge 1$ for a serious Vulnerability, which can infect a site and cause the site to be blacklisted.

Client: So, are you saying that by paying 1$, my site is secure?
BountySite: Website can be compromised in several ways. We are just letting you know that a site is hackable in a specific way, by charging 1$. You only have to pay to know. That's how Bug Bounty program works.

Auto Revert File modifications

This feature is available for those sites which are not modified for a long time. BountySite allows you to automatically revert website files to a specific version, if there are any modifications to your website files. This ensures that your site remains the same. Database is not touched in this feature.

Patch Manager

What Bounty Program, if it does not fix the problem? Hence we are going the extra mile to update your website to its latest version. Patches are pushed to the system and automatically show up in your control panel, allowing you to run the upgrade. A website owner only has to pay per upgrade.

Security Scanner

BountySite offers automated website scanning for websites that don't run on open-soure CMS. Website replica is created in an isolated environment meant for testing only. The scanning is intrusive and fully automated with manual reporting. Live site is never touched during the scanning.

Application Security

BountySite offers manual Application Security testing for websites that don't run on open-source CMS. The website is replicated in an isolated environment, using backup files, and tested for vulnerabilities. The scans are intrusive and automated with human intervention to look for vulnerabilities. Website owners are given another control panel to ensure that vulnerabilities are fixed. With an isolated environment, it provides an easy means to provide with proof of concept screenshots.

Our solutions are unique, and we are solving the problem from root. We are doing our bit for a cleaner internet.