In this blog, I am going to write about why I built BountySite and what value it adds to hosting customers.

Problem Statement

As with every solution, it is important to define the problem. Here are some key aspects/problems that I wanted to address/solve:-

  • Reactive approach to Security - Hosting customers opt for security when it is too late. I have already talked about customer hassles on site blacklisting on this blog. This causes pain to hosting providers and customers, and it is neither's mistake, mostly.
  • Affordable - Security is something that only premium hosting customers opt for, cause they can. About 90% of hosting customers dont have any kind of security measures.
  • Transparency - In some cases, hackers go after sites hosted on WAF, just for the thrills. Hackers take it as challenge - "oh! so you think you cant get hacked?". It puts the site in hackers target list. Security scanning has to be transparent and quiet. There is no such thing as 100% secure site. If someone does, it is purely a marketing lie. Security is all about adding layers and making it difficult, as described here, as People Process Technology.
  • Outdated Software - In most cases, outdated CMS are the ones that get compromised. These sites are idle sites, with no change for a long time.
  • Hosting Provider Control - Hosting Providers depend on security vendors, and are not in control over hosting security infrastructure.
  • Restore to pristine version - Hosting customers should be able to restore back to pristine site version, as a first step on site infection. Customer can then start investigating root cause.
  • Solving problem at root - Security has to be fixed at its root. It is important to find out what caused the infection, rather than preventing the infection to be rendered to browsing users.

BountySite Solution

BountySite does not compete with any Security vendor. BountySite is only filling a void. So, BountySite compliments with existing Hosting Security vendors. We are not a replacement. Our services are unique. We are a cyber security startup and are constantly evolving to a never ending/learning domain Security.

  • Reactive => Proactive Approach: BountySite introduces Bounty model threat hunting for Hosting industry. BountySite detects Threats before being exploited by a malicious hacker. Threat signatures are an ongoing work, like an Anti Virus software. Would you trust your Anti Virus? No way, Please! The effectiveness of Anti Virus depends on its access to malwares information, to write signatures, to be able to catch it. That is why you have Anti Virus updates. BountySite works in a similar way to be able to detect Threats(based on what software is being used by large number of sites) and malwares too.
  • Affordable => 1$ Bounty: BountySite introduces you to the most affordable proactive security. BountySite detects a Threat and notifies with remedy, and asks customer to pay 1$. 1$ is worth every penny. This is where we add value to Hosting providers, to clean up their Hosting Infrastructure.
  • Transparency: BountySite does all the scanning in offline environment. No switching DNS, to route traffic through any WAF. BountySite quitely goes about its business.
  • Outdated Software: BountySite provides with Stable Operating Mode for the lazy ones, who don't update their sites, but still have to be online. Stable operating mode automatically treats every file modification as unauthorized and reverts back to stable site Web revision. Ideally, updating software is recommended as part of Root Cause fix. We are planning to introduce auto upgrade features, but it is subjected to what open source tool customer uses. We also plan to introduce quick patches to fix the weakness, without upgrading.
  • Hosting Provider Control: We built BountySite for Hosting Providers to add value to their customers, and increase revenue. We designed Backup Services, which allows Hosting Provider to build/architect, price, market and support their customers. So, the data(credentials and backup) always remains in Hosting Provider's premises/network. We charge advanced monthly subscription and a per Site fixed price, for in-premise backup storage, irrespective of what you charge Hosting Customers. Our scanning and detection works on storage servers.
  • Restore to pristine version: A quick response to site infection is to revert back to previous known pristine version. BountySite provides customers with the details of the files modified for every backup. Customer can also see the file content difference for text files between chosen revisions.
  • Solving problem at root: BountySite scanning works at the storage level. It is best equipped to detect Threats at root level.

In no way BountySite tries to make absolute guarantees, but BountySite is worth every penny you spend, without a doubt.

We are soon launching free 1GB plan for first 10,000 sites. Contact us for more details.

Thank you for reading.