Website backup ensures that you are back online, in an unplanned event of disaster, which can be intentional or unintentional, by regularly  copying website data to a remote location, securely.

Intentional website changes

Your site has been attracting visitors and doing well on SEO ranking, till one fine day, website gets hacked, and has been taken offline. All hard work wasted.

More and more sites are infected everyday. Most websites use WordPress and is most commonly targeted platform. If your website is not constantly updated, then, higher are the chances that your site can get infected. Most of the common exploits work because of outdated applications or plugins. Website backup can help you get back online with pristine version.

Unintentional changes

It is human to make mistakes. One accidental file or one plugin can render your site offline. Lets say you are trying to make a small change in a wordpress plugin, and you make a series of changes. Suddenly, your wordpress site shows a White Screen of Death(blank site). Now, you are not sure what caused it, and you have lost track. Your hosting provider backup may or may not take backups, unless you are paying premium. You are stuck and have to spend hours to get back online.

Hosting server crash

Most of the hosting providers don't have a disaster recovery plan. Once hosting server is toast, it takes several hours or sometimes even days to get your site back online. Can you afford such a downtime for your business? Website backup gives an option to least move to another hosting provider.

Update gone wrong

You just upgraded your site, citing security reasons, and ghosh, one of the plugins does not work with the latest version. Your website is no longer working. All the hard work done on SEO optimization has gone waste. Website backup helps you to revert back to the previous working revision, and reducing your website downtime.

Missed hosting payment

Hosting provider has suspended and deleted your account for non payment. Mail notifications from provider has missed you or in spam folder, and it is too late. Having website backup ensures that you quickly get back online, post activating your hosting account.

Hosting provider vanished

There have been cases where hosting provider just vanished on a given day. Hosting provider site is offline, and all support channels are down. In this case, you neither have your website and neither do you have website backup copy. All the years' effort, down the drain. Website backup is your only option to get back online.

Malware and Viruses

We have previously seen that outdated version application on sites, is like a sitting duck, waiting to be hacked. If your site is infected, it is more likely that your site will be used to spread malware and infect other hosts. This damages the reputation of website and the other sites hosted on the same server. This forces web hosting providers to take the infected website offline. Reverting back infected website back to pristine version can be a daunting process. It costs lot of money to remove malwares and eats time. Website backup eases the process of reverting your website back to pristine revision, to help you fix vulnerabilities on the site.

Whitelisting a blacklisted site

As discussed having site infected is not the only problem, site going into blacklisting is even worse. You will have to splurge heavily on getting your site back online, by having all the Blacklisting vendors remove your website from their list. Website backup prevents you to timely restore your site before going into blacklisting stage.

File Change monitoring

Website backup system notifying website owner on site file changes, greatly helps to fix site infections, before going into blacklisting phase. Website backup gives a chance to investigate on the root cause of infection, and by resetting the site quickly and then fixing the vulnerability.

Unreliable Hosting provider backup system

Most of website owners rely on Hosting provider's inbuilt backup system, which is a big mistake. Hosting industry is very competitive, pushing hosting providers to cut down on several resources. The chances are high, that the inbuilt backup system is failing and is not being attended to. You can never rely on hosting provider for backups. Having your own managed website backup is the way to go.

Unreliable Local Hosting Server Backup

Running a script to backup sites is not a good website backup solution.

  • Are you notified when backup fails?
  • What if you are infected? worse a ransomware attack
  • Does your backup tell you what files have been modified?
  • What is your backup restore process? How quickly and easily can you revert back?
  • How do you identify which site backup is pristine?
  • Backup with retention is not effective. What if your oldest backup has a malware?

Offsite Website backups ensure that backups are securely and remotely transferred, and does not depend on the hosting server. Offsite website backup with site revision control is the best way to backup your website.

Website Security starts with Backup

With rising threats and cyber war, security can no longer be ignored. Zero day exploits are going to be inevitable. You can no longer rely on security alone to take care of your data. Website backup is a crucial part of security. All existing security services only layers of security, but cannot guarantee 100% security. Having website backup is crucial for website security.

It is time, you have a offsite backup system with revision control in place. Website backup is no longer a feature that you can have, but a necessity you ought to have.