BountySite - Build Your Own Storage

Customized Storage


BountySite allows you to build your own fully managed BountySite storage. With storage nodes close to Hosting servers, backups will run at unbeatable speed. 1GB full backup will take few minutes(subjective to network speed) and incremental backup will be run within a minute. Faster backups mean faster restores. A perfect website backup software!

  • play_arrow Storage setup charges at 99$ 0$
  • play_arrow Monthly management charges at 49$ 0$
  • play_arrow Bulk account pricing
  • play_arrow Pricing per site irrespective of size
  • play_arrow 149 99$ for every 500 sites
  • play_arrow Get exciting offers as you scale

Here are some benefits in using own customized storage

  • play_arrow Easy to adhere to storage compliance
  • play_arrow Backup data within the datacenter
  • play_arrow Faster backups means that FTP connections are quickly released
  • play_arrow Faster backups also mean that storage servers will idle for longer time, which will result in faster response times while using the control panel
  • play_arrow Provide better service to customers
  • play_arrow Can provide with multiple customization, allowing to distinguish between plans
  • play_arrow For example, decide on number of redundant backup to different Geo locations; configure storage raid to handle drive failures; configure distributed storage cluster for scale; configure S3 etc
  • play_arrow Run your own anti virus subscriptions on your backup node
  • play_arrow Contact us for pricing, to build distributed storage cluster

Storage can start from a single node to cluster of storage.

  • play_arrow Minimum storage specs - CPU with virtualization support, 8GB+ ECC RAM, 2 x 2TB+ Enterprise Hard drive
  • play_arrow For storage above 4TB, need least 1 x 256GB SSD
  • play_arrow Need Debian Stretch minimal install with openssh-server
  • play_arrow Discrepancies in install will lead to reinstallation
  • play_arrow Server access will not be shared post installation
Configurable Features

Below are the features that can be configured in custom storage

  • play_arrow Configure n number of copies to remote storage(Redundant Backup)
  • play_arrow Redundant Backup can be built at no extra cost
  • play_arrow Configure one copy of backup data to any S3 compliant storage
  • play_arrow Design multiple Backup plans and sell at any price, per site
  • play_arrow Limit based on size and number of databases, per site
  • play_arrow Define custom quantity for large websites and redundant backup
  • play_arrow Allow backups to be configured for Hosting servers managed by you only, meaning, FTP servers cannot point to any other IP Address not managed by you
  • play_arrow Define backup RAID between RAID1, RAID5, RAID10, RAID6
  • play_arrow Enable SSD storage for faster response of internal REST API and improve overall backup performance
  • play_arrow Replicate whole storage to another datacenter, with encryption
  • play_arrow Customize multiple plans within same storage node, by having more number of data replicas. For eq, have 4 copies of data in a RAID10 storage for Backup Plan X, whereas the default setting of RAID10 for Plan Y. Need extra IPv4 Address for each plan.
  • play_arrow Build distributed scalable storage system, for server failure resillience, high data avilability and unlimited provisioning. Setup charges as applicable
  • play_arrow Configurable maximum concurrency of backup jobs to run simultaneously
  • play_arrow Customizable download URL for download of website backup