Build Your Own Pack

You can add a layer of security to your hosting infrastructure at your own budget. Configure your own pack with unlimited sites with a predefined storage, starting 49$ pm. BountySite owns and manages the storage nodes, with bulk discount offers.

Features and benefits:-
  • chevron_rightAdd any number of sites
  • chevron_rightBilled quaterly in advance
  • chevron_rightPay only for aggregated storage space
  • chevron_rightCreate multiple customised packs
  • chevron_rightPremium customers who want reliable backup can use Backup Sync, which is integrated into all BountySite storage nodes, to upload backup data into their own public cloud account
  • chevron_rightYou can also provide redundant backup to different Geo locations, configured with your storage node
  • chevron_rightSame level of encryption standards as with any BountySite storage node
  • chevron_rightWith cloud vendors like Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS Lightsail, AWS you can benefit with block storage and gradually scale your storage. Pay only for extra storage, on top of existing subscription
  • chevron_rightWith KVM based VPS or dedicated servers, you can gradually add more servers to scale and let provisioning system take care of allocations

Write to us with your requirements to sales (at) or contact us:-
  • chat_bubble_outlineTell us where your Hosting Server is located
  • chat_bubble_outlineTell us your current site disk space utilization
  • chat_bubble_outlineGive us an estimated storage space needed for next 1 year

We will provide you with 3 quotes:-
  • adjustRecommended
  • adjustCheapest
  • adjustMost Reliable
Choose a plan that best fits you. Add a layer of security to your hosting infrastructure today.