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Yes! Free

Provide us with dedicated storage server, and get BountySite for free for your Hosting Customers for 3 months. Your customer hosting data remains within your infrastructure. If you like BountySite, continue at a price of only 150 50$ for every 1,500 500 sites.

Time Machine

Convert website into Time Machine with offsite malware scanning. Let site owners manage their own backup and security.


Add a layer of security to unlimited websites. Each storage server can accommodate thousands and more with longer backup cycles.


Site owner notification on site file/table changes. Dormant Site protection, Blacklist Monitoring and Ransomware protection.


Always incremental backup with offsite security scans save on hosting server compute.

Simple solution to fix hacked website

If your customer’s website gets hacked, fix the website with simple restore.
Simple Cleanup Process:-
- Restore to pristine version
- Update all applications and plugins
- Reset user passwords
- Check cron jobs
Most websites attacks are taken care of.

Repeated hacks? Just report to us.

Really Easy to fix hacked websites

Add a layer of security to your Hosting today

Protect your hosting customers with simple, sensible and transparent security.

About Us

BountySite is a Website Threat Hunting Platform for proactively securing websites without impacting hosting server resources.

Company: WidEva Systems Pvt Ltd
CIN: U72100TN2015PTC099710


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sales (at} bountysite {dot} com

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