Disaster Recovery

Failover Hosting Node

Have a standby hosting node which can be used to bring websites online in an event of downtime

Do you have a hosting failover node?

BountySite can provide you with failover hosting node setup which can serve as failover hosting node. 

- In an event of hosting downtime, site owners can subscribe for Disaster Recovery Service.
- Upon subscription of Disaster Recovery, hosting account is created on the new DR node.
- Latest backup data is automatically pushed along with database.
- Switch DNS of the website to point to DR node IP, to get back site online.

* This feature is only available with Hosting Provider partner services for their  customers.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery can be enabled with very simple steps.


Subscribe for Disaster Recovery for website which is down. 


Switch DNS to point to new IP.


Your website is back online.

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