Dormant Site Protection

Automatically revert unauthorized Website file changes

Auto Protect Website Files

Websites are often not updated with latest softwares and hence are not patched to latest security updates, making them easy target for malicuous hackers. Post site infection, website files are modified to perform unauthorized redirect or infect website visitors.

BountySite helps such idle sites with a layer of security, using Dormant Site Protection. BountySite automatically reverts file changes made to website, post backup. This can be done simply by changing the operating mode to Stable.

Stable Operating Mode


Dormant Site Protection can be enabled with the below simple steps, post configuring backup.

Pristine Version

Post website backup, choose a revision that is considered as the version that the site should always be. Choose the revision as Stable.

Operating Mode

Change operating mode for the website to Stable

All set!

Now, on every backup, if there are file changes with respect to Stable revision, it will be auto reverted to Stable revision


BountySite is a Website Threat Hunting Platform for proactively securing websites without impacting hosting server resources.


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