How secure is the backup?

BountySite stores all data on industry standard AES 256 bit encryption. The backup FTP credentials are stored on backup nodes which can be communicated only over SSL REST API. Credentials are encrypted using AES 256 in database, and database is stored over encrypted storage, using AES 256 bit encryption. Redundant Backup (including S3) is also encrypted using AES 256, at rest, and uploaded using https(encryption at transit). We recommend using FTPS(default mode) instead of FTP for encryption on control and data channel, for backup. 

The reliability of backup depends on storage. Since BountySite offers high level of customized solutions for every budget, it depends on the underlying backup storage server. The details are clearly provided while subscribing for the service.

How much backup quantity should I buy?

In most cases, one quantity implies 1GB, unless mentioned explicitly. We do compress backup data, but compression ratio is low for images. We also maintain unlimited restore points of website. So, it is a good idea to start with same size as your website. Quantity can be upgraded when your limit increases, as and when needed. You can upgrade as you need more.

Do I need to be a techie to be able to configure backups?

Configuring backup does not need any technical expertise. Just provide with FTP credentials and database password, and schedule your first site backup with ease. It is also very easy to restore. BountySite also provides with concierge service for Hosting Providers/Resellers for any assistance, with user's approval.

What Remote Host(s) should I add to allow MySQL backup?

We are distributed globally and our IP address vary to the server your account is provisioned on. You can get the IP address from your control panel page.

We also have another solution to backup/restore Mysql over HTTPS, using PHP script. BountySite sends db credentials over HTTPS to the php script and downloads database. This is more secure than doing a mysqldump. The php script is specific for individual site, and can be downloaded from the control panel, under corresponding site. If your site is working on HTTP, this will not work. Please move to HTTPS.

How does BountySite's file change notification help?

BountySite notifies site owner on site file changes. Site owner can decide whether it was an unauthorized change. If unauthorized, site owner can take action to rectify it by restoring back and finding the root cause of the change. Site owner can easily investigate when the file change took place and what the file changes are. If you don't want to investigate yourself you can reach out BountySite Support to take care of it. Apart from this, BountySite does intensive scans on files to detect malicious files. Bountysite also detects threats before being exploited, which prevents malware.

How does BountySite's malware scan work?

BountySite does intensive malware scans and antivirus scans on all your files to check for malware. Malwares keep evolving and we constantly update our scans to catch these evolving malwares. The malware scans are specifically designed to intelligently catch the latest malwares spreading in the hosting environment. When BountySite catches a malware in a website, it intelligently runs an intensive scan all other similar websites for the same vulnerability to quickly curb the malware spread.

Does BountySite detect vulnerabilities on my website?

Yes, BountySite runs scans to check for vulnerabilities on your website. The vulnerabilities are reported to you based on standard CVSS score. This tells you how critical the vulnerability is and you can decide to take action accordingly. We give out security patches to fix these vulnerabilities.We also give you instructions on how to fix it yourself. Alternatively, you can contact BountySite's Support team to fix it for you.

How does BountySite assure me Ransomeware Immunity?

BountySite backup does not need any agent installation on the server, for infections to spread off the server. Since the backups are completely offsite, stay immune from ransomware attacks.

How often do you upload backup data to my cloud account, using Backup Sync?

A copy of backup data is uploaded, post every backup job detected a change(either file change or database change).. If upload fails for various reasons, the job is retried after some time internally. Every failure is notified via mail/notification.

What are the payment modes and do you refund?

We support PayPal mode of payment. All BountySite packages/services have Free Trail for predefined days. You can try out for free without entering credit card details. On satisfaction, you can make the payments. 
Hence, we have a no refund policy. 

How do I backup my website?

BountySite is your best cloud website backup software. Configuring website backup is very simple.
1. Sign up and create your free account. Add your webhosting site
2. Subscribe for any plan under Backup, for Free
3. Enter FTP Protocol FTPS or SFTP(SSH), FTP Host, FTP Port, FTP username and password. Confirm by validating credentials.
4. Configure Database credentials and verify. If you are using SFTP and using Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal with database on same server as web hosting, you can skip to schedule your first backup.
5. Run your instant backup. 

How to take website backup from cPanel?

You will have to configure your website from BountySite panel first. After that you can use cPanel plugin to manage website backups. You can do the following from within cPanel:
1. Schedule instant backup
2. View Backup History of web/database
3. View file modifications per backup
4. Schedule restore of web/database

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