BountySite Features

Site Owner always on top

Website Backup

Supports most common protocols used in Hosting industry for websites, namely FTP, FTPS and SFTP(SSH)

Always Incremental

Only the first backup is a full website backup. Subsequent backups are always incremental wrt to the previous backup.

Revisioning System

Automatically convert your website into a revisioning system. Only file difference storage space is added to backup.


Change detection is done by tracking file timestamp and size, and only changes are downloaded.

Database Backup

Support MySQL, Mariadb with backup over Remote Direct / SSH Tunnel / PHP over HTTPS

Auto Add Database

No need to configure database for Remote direct backup for Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.

PreValidate Configuration

Validate credentials before submitting backup ensures that backup will run successfully.

Encrypted Storage

Website backup stored on industry standard AES 256 bit encryption.

Granular revision

Web and database are revisioned separately giving more control.

File Compression

Individual file compression giving you more backup space.

File Browser

Browse through files back in time to time travel your website in past.

Custom Storage

Storage can be customized as per requirements and can be deployed anywhere in the internet.

Redundant Backup

Optionally keep multiple copies of backup data on remote locations using Redudant Backup REST.

n Restore Points

No restrictions on retention period. Restore to any point back in time of current file.


Download any revision of web or database to your local computer.


Easy to configure web and db backup. Even easier to restore.


Mail and notifications on control panel to never miss alert or update.

Backup Copy

Keep a backup copy of whole repository in your own cloud storage account.


Track changes to your website very easily.


BountySite scans your websites files to detect malwares and weaknesses, so that you can take action to fix them.

Malware Scans

BountySite continuously scans for malwares in your website. It intelligently learns to detect the latest threats spreading online

AntiVirus Scans

BountySite runs antivirus scans on your files to check for virus.

Blacklist Monitoring

BountySite ensures that you are notified as soon as your site or mail server is blacklisted to ensure that your reputation is not affected.

Threat Detection

BountySite also detects common weaknesses in site along with security patches to ensure that site security.

Restore Web/Database

You can either restore web or database or both. If you want to fix files and not database, this is very useful.

Restore Single File

Browse through any revision of file and individually restore a specific file.

Easy Restore

Restore both web and database with a single click. Just select web and db revision from drop down and submit.

Pre-restore Backup

Before performing restore, backup is performed to keep the latest website content. Never miss out on any changes.

Differential Restore

BountySite compares the latest files with respect to the restore version and only pushes selected files that are different. 

Malware Report

Get list of files tagged as malwares by BountySite. You can also view files which are marked suspicious.

Free Root Cause Analysis

Get a free report on possible reasons on why the website was infected, for the revision reported by you.


Get vulnerability report of your website detected by BountySite, and on how the weakness can be exploited.

Security Patches

BountySite provides security patches to fix vulnerabilities on your website. This protects you from getting infected.


With BountySite you can now improve your pagespeed, ie make your sites load faster, by compressing images and minifiying static contents.

Image Compression

Compress images without compromising on quality. 

Minify JS/CSS

Minify Javascript, CSS files.


Summary of files with compression ratio.

One Click

Make your site faster with a single click.

more ...

Dormant Site Protection

Auto revert unauthorized file changes with Dormant Site Protection

Intuitive Control Panel

BountySite provides with intuitive control panel to manage your website security

Programmatic REST API

BountySite provides with REST API to manage backups 

About Us

BountySite is a Website Threat Hunting Platform for proactively securing websites without impacting hosting server resources.

Company: WidEva Systems Pvt Ltd
CIN: U72100TN2015PTC099710


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