Bountyful Features

BountySite provides reliable Backup Service and Security Solutions for your website at a super affordable price.

We also provide customized and differentiated solutions for our Hosting and Reseller Partners.

Smart Backup Features

Smart Incremental Backups

BountySite backups only the incremental changes done to a site. So you get fast backups & save money on storage space utilization.

Site Time Machine

You can restore back to any point in the past right from the first full backup with BountySite's revision control system.

Fully Featured API

BountySite's API is user-friendly, customizable and is easy to integrate into your platform. Your customers can enjoy a seamless experience.

Backup Mail Notification

Rest easy while we do the work and update you. BountySite notifies you on backups, threats detected, security patches done on your sites.

Light weight backup

Backups have been designed to be light weight on the hosting server, so that all sites can be backed up during day without any impact.

Instant Backup

You need to run a backup now? You don't need to wait, just run an instant backup using the BountySite Platform.

Multiple User Role Based Access Control

Give access to clients or others to maintain the backups and security of a website. You can also control the access level rights of the users.

Optimize Page Speed

BountySite helps your website open faster by compressing static contents like image, js, css and html

Cloud Backup

Get reliable and fast Cloud storage for your backups. You also have an option to upload your backup to your own public cloud account.

Global Storage Nodes

Our storage nodes are present globally so that you can choose the one closest to your hosting server to benefit from faster backup.

Website Migration

BountySite gives you hassle free website migration. Migrate websites quickly in just a few clicks.


BountySite's platform is scalable. As you grow in size we scale to your requirements. We support your growth.

White Label Option

BountySite allows you to put your brand on our platform to enrich your brand value through added services to your clients

Customer Dashboard

Easily manage and resolve customer issues using BountySite's Customer Management Dashboard

Wordpress Plugin

BountySite provides WordPress Plugin to manage your backups on WordPress.

Hosting Add On Features

Full Server Backup

Our server backup feature also tracks file changes. If anything goes wrong, you can easily find out when & what went wrong and fix it.

Disaster Recovery

BountySite has your back! We make sure you are up and running even at the face of a disaster.

SSH Jumpbox

Manage servers easily with BountySite's SSH Jumpbox. Manage SSH access, log every activity, record and play terminal sessions.

Customized Storage Solution

Run BountySite Storage Nodes close to your hosting servers to benefit with lightning-fast speed and greater control


BountySite provides Staging Servers for our partners to test the changes before committing them to live environment

Auto Backup on File Change

Automatically backups the instant any file is changed on a website instead of waiting for a scheduled backup to run.

Easy Integration

BountySite's user friendly interface is easy to integrate into your platform for a seamless customer experience

WHMCS Plugin

Seamlessly offer BountySite features through your hosting platform using WHMCS plugin

cPanel Plugin

Seamlessly access Backup features through C Panel for a hassle free experience

Multiple Restore Features

Easy Restore

Mistakes happen, when they do, simply restore back to latest working version hassle free in a few clicks

Download Zip

BountySite lets you download the zip of your website files and databases easily

Restore Selected File

BountySite also lets you restore or download only the problematic file instead of the entire site for a quick hassle free restore

Unlimited Restore

BountySite doesn’t restrict you on the number of restores you want in a month

Ransomware Immunity

BountySite ensures you never get affected by any Ransomware. Simply restore back to the clean version and fix the vulnerability in peace.

Easily Restore to un-Blacklist

Disaster can strike anyone. Don't fear, easily restore back to the latest clean version of your website if you ever get blacklisted.

Security Features

File Change Monitoring

We continuously monitor and track for any unauthorized file changes to help you quickly identify malicious files and fix it.

Malware Scanning

BountySite continuously scans for malwares in your website. It intelligently learns to detect the latest threats spreading online.

Security Patches

BountySite provides security patches to fix vulnerabilities on your website. This protects you from getting infected.

Disaster Recovery

BountySite has your back! We make sure you are up and running even at the face of a disaster.

AES 256 bit encryption

BountySite provides server side encryption for storage with AES 256 bit encryption which is one of the most secure encryptions.

Blacklist Monitoring

BountySite ensures that you are notified as soon as your site or mail server is blacklisted to ensure that your reputation is not affected.

Password Encryption

BountySite encrypts the passwords you enter on the platform. This means the data you enter is stored safely.

Dormant Site Protection

BountySite automatically reverts back any unauthorized malicious file changes on dormant sites.

Antivirus Scan

BountySite runs antivirus scans on your files to check for virus.

Login Security

We provide two factor authentication, IP address list and country access list for login so that only authorised users have access.

Secure Connections

BountySite provides SFTP/SSH/SSL connections. MySQL database backup can be done over Direct/SSH Tunnel/MysqlOverPHPS.

Data Redundancy

BountySite also provides data redundancy which means that data is stored at multiple places and hence reliable.


Backup History

BountySite gives you a detailed history of every backup ever done on our platform.

File Change History

BountySite allows you to check exactly when a file in your website changed by giving you history of each file.

Backup File Change Info

For everyback backup BountySite gives you the summary of which all files have been modified since the previous backup.

Mail Notification

We notify you on every backup, vulnerability detection, security patches done, unauthorised file changes through mail.


BountySite records a log of every activity that ever takes place on your account in our platform.

Vulnerability & Patch Info

BountySite gives detailed information on every vulnerability detected and its severity using industry standard CVSS.

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