Cloud Backup for your Linux Servers

FileTrail is the most simplest data backup software you have ever used.

Linux Server Backup

Based on awesome open source backup software restic. Lightweight and fast backup software. BountySite also keeps track of files with modification time and permissions.

Backup Cloud

Any S3 compliant storage and Backblaze cloud storage are currently supported in FileTrail.

Simple Agent Installation

Install and run agent on server which will schedule backups and restores.

Easy Configuration

Very simple backup configuration. Just tell Daily/Weekday for daily or weekly backups. Mention hour at which backup should start running. Set number of backup snapshots to keep and prune older backups.

View Backup Modifications

View files modified/added/deleted for every backup job to track changes on your server.   

Easy Restore

Choose revision and folder you want to restore. 

Fast Backup

Perfect backup solution for VPS, with very minimal memory requirement.

Failure Notification

Get notified if backup did not run in scheduled time

Track File Changes

Easily view history of file changes as seen by FileTrail

Own Storage

Optionally deploy own minio to store data with your managed servers.


Supports encrypting backup data at the cost of performance and storage capacity.


Lightweight incremental backup with minimal IO impact on server.

Best effort Support

Restic backed by community and good support from upstream developers.


Storage credentials are not stored on the server running FileTrail.


Get started with FileTrail with simple steps. For more details refer documentation.

Add Site

Add server hostname as site and subscribe for FileTrail


Download and install FileTrail agent on the server


Select storage destination and ready credentials


Configure FileTrail and instantly schedule backup.


Why choose restic open source tool for backup?

Restic is simply awesome backup tool. For hosting environment, data deduplication is a major plus for saving storage space. Restic is simple, fast and efficient. It only backups changes in data.

What are the memory requirements for running FileTrail?

Restic does need little memory to start backup process. Though, we dont have a definite value, we have seen in our VPS testing that it needed 100-200MB free memory.

How to restore file?

You can restore files from any snapshot by providing directory name of the parent folder. The job will automatically be pulled by FileTrail daemon and restored in folder predefined in config fle. Refer docs for more details.

What is FileTrail DB for?

FileTrail keeps track of files(filename, size, permissions) post every backup job. This feature is useful in investigating file changes. For eg, you can see what files have changed in /usr since 1 Sept. This can help perform security audits, investigate security breach. 

Why do you not support SFTP(SSH) based storage destination?

Restic supports SFTP destination by default. But it needs passwordless key based logins to storage server. In an event of breach with elevated privileges, attacker can access the keys to storage and delete backups. Having said that, the destination host and user is still hidden(ie not stored). We need more time to investigate and implement.

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