Complete your Hosting Security

BountySite complements your existing security

No matter what security services you are subscribed to, BountySite adds another level of security. With BountySite's customized services, you can add more protection for your hosting clients.

Hosting Provider Benefits


You get all the services as mentioned here. And you can further get the followng customizations. BountySite's services are unique in the hosting industry. No matter what security you have, you need BountySite. BountySite makes Security transparent and in site owner's control.


Get free dedicated SSH Jumpbox and audit commands.


Get free FileTrail full server backups for free for you and your customers


Get free JournalTrail and stay alert on system errors.


Get free Staging deployment on your servers for website staging environment.

Your Trusted Partner

You can count on us for security related matters. No upsells! Just get free advices.

User Managed Backups

Use BountySite's reliable and lightweight backup and let site owners manage their own backups.

Hassle Free Integration

Use Provisioning API to provision backup accounts instantly on site creation.


Site owners can themselves restore sites relieving support staff the responsibility.


With differential restores, sites can be restored quickly.

Custom Storage

Customize your own storage node with data redundancies and backup features that fits for every customer tier.


Website on BountySite? We will take care of website security. 

Free RCA

Website on BountySite hacked with 0day vulnerability? We love to investigate. No extra charges!


Threat Hunting Platform to constantly analyse latest threats and malwares on websites.


We release security patches for targeted vulnerabilities as detected by BountySite. Sites can stay secure now.


With Inotify based CDP, have instant backup on websites. Add data reliability.


BountySite provides with the following options to integrate BountySite services into your offerings.

WHMCS Plugin

Get free WHCMS plugin to start selling BountySite services within your existing billing platform

cPanel Plugin

BountySite also provides with free cPanel plugin, for your customers to manage backups.

Provisioning API

Use provisioning API to integrate BountySite Services, on any platform.


BountySite offers flexible options that fit your requirements.

Pay as you Go

Pay per website/GB
No monthly commitments
2 backup copy, with AWS S3
Slow backup speed
No Branding
No independent pricing


Starts at $150/pm
  Unlimited websites
Predefined storage
2 backup copy, with AWS S3
Faster backups/restores
Partial branding
Pricing freedom

Private Label Setup

Starts at $1,500/pm
Unlimited websites
Your own storage nodes
Customized Storage Solutions
Super charged backups
Full branding
Create custom tiers
Full pricing freedom

Contact us

Drop us a message for a free demo evaluation account.
We can build a tailor made solution for your hosting infrastructure.


BountySite is a Website Threat Hunting Platform for proactively securing websites without impacting hosting server resources.


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M : sales (at} bountysite {dot} com

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