Proactive Security for your Website

Website Security in your Control

We protect your website and take care of your backups at an affordable price so that you can focus on your business.
Pay only for what you use with our Pay/GB plan.

Website Security starts with Website Backup

Cloud Website Backup

BountySite does not require to install any agent or software on your hosting server. Just sign up and protect your website.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks on website are on the rise. Stay immune from such attacks.

Your Own Managed Backup

Dont rely on Hosting Provider backup with short retention period. Restore to any point back in time with BountySite.

Immune from Hosting price hikes

Worried about hosting vendor lock-in? Keep your own website backup and migrate to any hosting.

Website Revisioning System

Automatically convert your website into a revisioning system.


BountySite only backups changes made to the site, making it lightweight on hosting server.


BountySite makes it very easy for novice users to configure and manage website backups.


Single click restores is all it takes to correct/fix your website.


You can track your website changes over time for analysis.


Separate revisioning for website and database gives granular control on restores.

File Diff

Easily view file modification content across revisions to investigate changes made.


Our storage nodes can be deployed across the globe close to hosting, for faster backups.


A copy of data can be kept in your own public cloud storage account.

Time Machine

Automatically convert your website into a Time machine

Custom Storage

You can design your own storage node with several cutomizations.


Affordable pricing with pay per GB of  backup space.


BountySite provides with layers of security to your website without making tall false promises. BountySite runs security scans on backup data.

File Change Monitoring

By knowing what files have been modified gives you first level of site protection by fixing the root cause quickly.

Dormant Site Protection

Idle sites can now add a layer of security, with auto revert file change feature.

Threat Detection with Patches

BountySite provides with targeted vulnerability detection and security patches to protect your website proactively

Free Root Cause Analysis

You can now report malicious activity post backup, to get a free Root Cause Analysis report for the reported activity..



$ 0

for 365 days, per website

  • 1 Site with 1GB

  • 1 Database
  • Weekly Backup
  • Forum Support
  • Free


$ 12.12/GB

for 365 days per website

  • 1 Site
  • Any number of  Databases
  • Daily Backup
  • Forum/Tickets Support 
  • Paid annually in advance


$ __

per month

  • Unlimited sites
  • Any number of Databases
  • Daily Backup
  • Forum/Tickets Support
  • Paid quaterly in advance

More ....

Website Backup Features

Find out more about BountySite website backup features.

Intuitive Control Panel

BountySite provides with intuitive control panel to manage your website security

Programmatic REST API

BountySite provides with REST API to manage backups 

Free Website Backup

Get free 1GB Website Backup space for your website now! 
Just sign up for free. No need to enter any credit card for your account. You will receive notification mail to login.
Add a site and subscribe for Free Plan, under Backup.
Configure website FTP credentials and then configure database credentials. Confirm your credentials before you schedule your first backup.

That is all! That's how easy it is to protect your website. Go ahead and try it out!

Add Security to your Website

All services/addons comes with Free Trials.
Try out BountySite for free.
No need to save any payment related information for Free Trial.


BountySite is a Website Threat Hunting Platform for proactively securing websites without impacting hosting server resources.


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