Partner with Bounty Site

Offer affordable website security and backup solutions to your customers by partnering with us.

BountySite provides customized solutions which can be easily integrated into your platform for a smooth hassle free experience

Hosting Partner Benefits

Protect your environment

Intelligent malware scanning and security patches for your customers means a safer hosting environment for you

Increase Revenue

Increase revenue by offering our services to your customers through white label

Differentiated Offering

Our super affordable security and backup services & free plans will differentiate your hosting from competition

Easy Integration

BountySite's user friendly interface is easy to integrate into your platform for a seamless customer experience

Customized Storage Solution

Run BountySite Storage Nodes close to your hosting servers to benefit with lightning-fast speed and greater control

Customer Dashboard

Easily manage and resolve customer issues using BountySite's Customer Management Dashboard

Reduce Cost

Your support team no longer needs to spend hours trying to resolve security issues. Our platform takes care of it for your customers.

Seamless with Plugins

BountySite provides Wordpress plugin, cPanel plugin and WHMCS plugin for a seamless hassle-free experience

Disaster Recovery

BountySite has your back! We make sure you are up and running even at the face of a disaster

Full Server Backup

Our server backup feature also tracks file changes. If anything goes wrong, you can easily find out when & what went wrong and fix it.

SSH Jumpbox

Manage servers easily with BountySite's SSH Jumpbox. Manage SSH access, log every activity, record and play terminal sessions.

Staging Server

BountySite provides Staging Servers for our partners to test the changes before committing them to live environment.

Partner with BountySite