How BountySite works

BountySite backups websites and runs its security analysis on the backups. This means BountySite doesn't affect your server resources or your uptime.

Our malware scanners that run on these backups are intelligently designed to evolve with evolving malwares, specifically built for hosting environment.

How it Works

Security Scan

Website Backup

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  • Backup
  • Global Storage

    We have storage nodes all across the world. Choose one close to your hosting location for fast backup.

  • AES 256 bit Encryption

    BountySite provides server side encryption for storage with AES 256 bit encryption so that your data is safe.

  • Incremental Backup

    Apart from the first backup all subsequent backups are on incremental changes. So you save money on space and get fast backups.

  • Modular Secure Design

    BountySite separates Control Panel and backup storage nodes to add a layer of security. This also allows us to provide customized storage.


Security Scan

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  • Malware Scan
  • Scan Backup

    BountySite runs security scans on the backups, hence it doesn't affect server resources or your uptime.

  • File tamper check

    BountySite scans every file to check if it is tampered or not with code repositories of Wordpress, Joomla etc.,

  • Intelligent Malware Scan

    Bountysite constantly updates its database to identify the latest threats spreading online. When a vulnerability or malware is found in one website, it intelligently scans other similar websites for the same.

  • Antivirus Scan

    BountySite runs antivirus scans on all files.


Report Issue

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  • Report Issue
  • Mail Notification

    If a malware or vulnerability is found in your website, BountySite notifies you immediately through mail.

  • Vulnerability Info

    BountySite gives detailed information (along with CVSS score) on the vulnerability found.

  • File Change Notificaton

    Bountysite notifies you when it finds a suspicious file, tampered file or any unauthorized file change in your website.

  • Blacklist Notification

    BountySite ensures that you are notified as soon as your site or mail server is blacklisted to ensure that your reputation is not affected.


Fix Issue

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  • Vulnerable Website
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  • Security Patch
  • Security Patch

    BountySite provides security patches to fix the vulnerabilities found on your website.

  • Restore to clean

    Disasters can strike. Don't worry, simply restore back to the latest clean version and patch the root cause.

  • Intelligent Patches

    BountySite intelligently identifies which websites are at risk and automatically applies security patches to all of them.

  • Corrupt File Issue

    Easily fix corrupt file by restoring the file to its latest clean version. File change history helps you to easily identify the latest clean version.

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