Subscription Plans

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Points to note:-

  • Hosting providers can charge their customers at their own pricing, for support.
  • The pricing mentioned is the price payable to BountySite, by the hosting provider
  • Site owners can avail free trial prior to paid subscription
  • One Threat One Dollar - Vulnerability detection will be billed separately every month
  • Plans can be upgraded anytime at the cost(5$/website) of migration of accounts
  • All plans are fully white labelled
  • All plans are fully managed service. All you have to do is sell, while BountySite will provide and manage the technology.
  • You can cancel the service anytime you like
  • All plans have daily backup

Pay as you Go Plan

This plan fits for small hosting providers who want to try out BountySite without any capex.

  • The frontend control panel and storage are shared
  • Plan comes with 1 main backup copy with 1 remote copy on AWS S3
  • Storage server can be located anywhere and can have slow backups/restores. Contact for storage server location.
  • Orders will be provisioned only post payment

Professional Plan

Plan that gives you more value and revenue.

  • Dedicated Storage server close to your hosting node, owned and managed by BountySite
  • Dedicated frontend node

Enterprise Plan

Plan that can add unlimited value and revenue.

  • Design your product tiers
  • Host frontend and storage node within your datacenter
  • Full branding and customizable
  • Flat revenue share with minimum commitment

Compare Plans

Features Pay as you Go Professional Enterprise
Dedicated resources Y Y
Customized Plans Y
Own Hardware Y
Custom Deployment Y
Backup/Restore speed Slow Fast Fastest
Revenue Less More Highest