Problem Statements and BountySite solution

Site got hacked and site owner has no clue

File/Table change notifications help site owner view exact changes to the websites and can investigate website hacks on their own. Site owner always on top of own website. Also, in an event of website infection, the site owner can quickly respond and fix the issue. Otherwise, there is high risk of website getting blacklisted.

Malware removal expensive. Blind restore from backups is a futile effort. It is like shooting in the dark.

Malware scanning is not needed, as file change notification is enough. BountySite tracks changes in site files since first backup. You can easily switch your site back to any pristine version. You dont need any expertise to remove infected files.

If the site has been hacked last month, there is no backup data available with usual hosting backup retention period of 14 days

Backups are nothing but snapshots of changes. Easily traverse back in time and restore.

Upselling security product is more likely to lead to loss of customer

Site owners can themselves investigate file/table changes and detect unauthorized website change. Site owners will love you when you give them a little transparency, in matters of security.

Daily backups needs more data storage

Since file deltas are only added, there is minimal increase in storage space.

Security services have steep subscription cost and really question its necessity

With One Threat One Dollar, site owner only has to pay for a True Positive threat. Call it free security at the cost of website backup.

Lost a hosting customer due to hacked website

Most sites are unattended after initial launch. Getting online is only a start. Some site owners dont consider the operating cost like upgrading, optimizing. Some out of fear, just subscribe for xyz security, without knowing/understanding. Security is a practice, not a product.

BountySite tries to make security transparent, by making it simple and easy. Hosting providers can now take control and support on security matters. Backup/Restore of sites has never been this easy and affordable.