Website Backup

BountySite comes with a full fledged backup system that puts site owner full control on own website.

Supported Protocols

BountySite supports FTPS/SFTP protocols for file downloads. For MySQL/Mariadb direct connect to database port or over sshtunnel is available.

Backup Hosting

BountySite backups files and tables into a revision control system. Every backup is an incremental backup, post first full backup. This ensures that backups dont kill precious hosting server resources. Only change delta is added to the repository, which means that backup storage does not increase exponentially.

Time Machine

BountySite is a time machine for websites with unlimited restore points. Site owners can easily restore website to any date back in time. Web files and databases are maintained in separate version control system, providing more control on restores.

Lightweight on Hosting

BountySite scans through file lists(like scanning inode table) before deciding what changes have been made and then downloading. Hence, very little I/O overhead on hosting.

File Change Notification

BountySite notifies site owner on file changes. This helps to detect unauthorized file changes early and fix them.

File Compression

All files and tables are compressed and site owners only have to pay used space. Site owners can start small and upgrade as and when needed.

Storage Encryption

All files are stored on industry standard AES 256 bit encryption. Your data is safe.

Auto Revert Mode

Dormant sites can opt for AutoRevert mode where changes are assumed unauthorized. Website changes are reverted back automatically post backup to a user specified snapshot.

n Remote Copies

Storage can be setup to keep n remote copies of the data in different geographical locations. Site owner can also configure to keep a copy on own S3 compliant storage.

Scalable and Flexible

Modular design gives high level of customization and scalability.

Flexible Restores

Restore web or database or file or table. Change only what is really needed. File restores are differential, meaning only required files are uploaded.

Download any Snapshot

Site owner can download any snapshot, in zip format with password as FTP password. Web and Database downloads are separate. Individual file/table can also be downloaded.

Easy UI

Any novice user can operate the system, without knowing about any of the internal complex nitigrities.