Control Panel

BountySite’s simple and fast UI for a novice user with no technical expertise.

Decentralized Frontend

Distributed control panel for better security and faster user experience. Frontend only stores login credentials. No need for user to have technical knowledge. Internal provisioning system for efficient provisioning of accounts.

Multi User RBACL

Create multiple user accounts and delegate control to manage websites. Each user can be granted roles to efficiently manage without granting full access.

Notification System

Every user with notification rights can receive notifications message over mail and view over control panel. Notification message shows unread for respective users, until read. Notifications can never be missed.

Multi Site Control

Easily switch to multiple sites without any hassle within a single login.


Every page has corresponding documentation, giving instant help. Enterprise plan can have own documentation page.


Website backup logs available for site owner to instantly get information and updates. Troubleshooting starts with giving adequate information for self help. Control panel changelog also available to keep tab on all changes made to respective sites.

Login Security

Users can add the following layers of added login security:-

  • 2 Step authentication: OTP sent over email
  • 2FA: Mobile app for OTP
  • Restrict login using IPs
  • Restrict login to specific hours

Operating Modes

Easily switch between operating modes[Active/Development/AutoRevert/Disabled] for respective website.

File Explorer

Traverse through old snapshots just like browsing folders. Site owners can download or restore individual file.


Site owners can get summary of individual website history in a simple and elegant dashboard.

Schedule Instant Backups

Easily view backup history for web/database of all backups or change history.

Easily Track Changes

Track changes for whole website between snapshots or view change history and changes per individual file.

View in Local Timezone

View time in your local timezone for convenience and effective troubleshooting. Be it logs or backup history. Switch to common timezone easily for support.

Simple Restore

Easily restore files and/or database or browse old snapshots and restore individual file/table.