Crowd Sourcing Malwares

Upload malware hashes

Site owners/Hosting providers can now upload malware hashes from own infected websites. This idea helps other websites getting hacked from the same malware.

Writing malware signatures is a never ending cycle, and you are never on top. So, instead of wasting resources on unnecessary scanning, users can report the malwares by investigating website infections, and submit hash. The hashes are uploaded into the system post internal approval. Other sites infected with same malware are notified. This solution greatly helps with Cross Site contaminations(several sites or neighbouring sites, infected with the same malware).

This technique can also be used to disallow scripts on hosting environment.

Besides, Website Integrity Monitoring system beats all malware scanners, and puts site owner in full control of own website.

This feature is limited to SHA256 and MD5 hashes.

Fuzzy hashes are also supported in the backend.