Answers to frequently asked questions.

How secure is the backup?

BountySite stores all data on industry standard AES 256 bit encryption. If someone pulls of the hard drive physically in the datacenter, they would have nothing but encrypted data.

What if their was a security breach for a website?

BountySite provisions each website backup under a separate user account. With PIE, ASLR it is very difficult to gain reverse shell access. Even if the attacker does, the attack is restricted to a specific account. There are several layers of security added to the platform at various levels and more coming. Read for more details.

How much backup should a customer buy?

BountySite does compress backup, but compression ratio is low for images, which mostly constitute site data. BountySite also maintains unlimited restore points of website. So, it is a good idea to start with same size as your website. Quantity can be upgraded when your limit increases, as and when needed.

Can a novice user be able to manage backups?

Configuring backup does not need any technical expertise. Just provide with FTP password and database password, and schedule first site backup. It is also very easy to restore. BountySite also provides with concierge service for Hosting Providers/Resellers for any assistance, with user’s approval. Providers can login as the site owner and help troubleshoot issues.

Does BountySite guarantee website security?

NO. BountySite cannot guarantee website security. There are several factors that BountySite cannot control.

Would BountySite fix my hacked website?

NO. BountySite will provide you with information via the control panel that you can use to clean up your website.

Refund policy

BountySite provides with free trials for all plans. Site owners only pay after trying the service and satisfaction. Hence NO refunds.