Hosting Provider

Add a new service to your current offerings


BountySite offers Hosting providers to add value and revenue to their existing services.

  • play_arrow Add a layer of security to your Hosting Infrastrcture
  • play_arrow Easy to migrate sites during hosting server upgrade, with credential changes and simple restore
  • play_arrow Choose between readily available Bountysite storage services or build your own fully managed storage
  • play_arrow Scale your service as you grow
  • play_arrow Sell Free plan, based on availability, to add value to your hosting offerings
  • play_arrow Design storage and features on custom storage
  • play_arrow Use existing billing system and manage BountySite services through BountySite Provisioning API
  • play_arrow Branding with company logo on interface. Two logos with 50x50px and 100x100px
  • play_arrow Custom dedicated URL {provider_name}, custom API URL for Backup API and Provisioning API
  • play_arrow Site owners pay you as per tenure, and you pay BountySite monthly subscriptions only


The following are the basic requirements to subscribe for this service

  • play_arrow Have to be a legal business entity
  • play_arrow Redundant backup on BountySite AWS S3 acccount mandatory
  • play_arrow For custom storage, it is recommended to have storage within the same datacenter as hosting servers. This provides best service to end site owners
  • play_arrow Have least 1000 sites/customers
  • play_arrow Economy/Enterprise plan not available when opting for custom storage
  • play_arrow Available only for datacenters in US, CA, UK, SGP, IN and EU
  • play_arrow Cannot sell plan tenure of more than 1 year for any package, to end site owner


BountySite offers you with flexible pricing to grow your business, right away.

  • play_arrow Buy 100GB site packs of Economy / Enterprise Plan, with maximum of 100 sites and 100GB allocation
  • play_arrow Economy/Enterprise plan pricing based on scale and first level of end customer(site owner) support
  • play_arrow Price independently on custom storage
  • play_arrow Backup Sync package available, which allows customers to push a copy to own S3 compliant storage account or Backblaze

Compare Custom Storage vs BountySite Storage

Features / Storage Type => Custom Storage BountySite Storage
Pricing Full freedom Limited
Customer Support check check
Concierge Services check check
Backup Speed The Best Performance Fast with Enterprise, slower with Economy
Offer Free Plan check Per availability check Per availability
Sell Other Backup Plan clear check
Design Multiple Backup Plans check clear
Scalable check check
Provisioning API check check
Customer Billing Site owner pays you Site owner pays you
BountySite Monthly Subscription check check
Backup Sync Package Free Chargeable per backup GB
Max Plan tenure 1 year 1 year
Min monthly commitment 99$ 90$


Increase revenue


BountySite allows SMB to add instant revenue without having to spend anything, and get started right away.

  • play_arrow No monthly commitments
  • play_arrow Sell all BountySite packages
  • play_arrow No initial investments
  • play_arrow Offer Free plan as a value add
  • play_arrow Provide own customer support