By Dinesh Gunasekar (danny)
Founder, CTO - BountySite

## About us * Security startup [WidEva Systems Pvt Ltd](, started in March 2015 * Goal to provide _Cloud_ based proactive and affordable _security_ * Initial concept of [One Threat One Dollar]( * Grown to become _Website Threat Hunting Platform_ * Offering free Bounty Security on Website Backup
## Problem Statement * More than _90%_ of websites dont have any security * One blacklisted website affects other websites * Blacklisted sites affects customer _relationship/reviews_ * Hassles of _reverting_ back infected site * _Security scanning_ for all sites drains resources * Hosting backup with _retention_ is not enough
## BountySite solution * Detect threats and provide safe _security patches_ * _File Integrity System_ for quick threat detection * _Faster_ backups means faster restores(Enterprise) * _Reliable_ backup with 2 Cloud vendors(Enterprise) * Offsite security scanning offloads resources * _Unlimited website snapshots_
## Unique features * Security scanning on Offsite backup data * Blazing fast and lightweight backup * Secure _Mysql backup over PHP on HTTPS_ * Throttle backup _concurrency_ per owned IP * Inotify based backup trigger for _instant backup_ * _Quick_ and _easy_ restores of web and database * Build your own storage with [BYOS]( * _Redundant backup_ to store remote n backup copies * Website _Disaster Recovery_ from site backup
## Other notable features * Customer _concierge_ services * Provide own customer support * Add security and _revenue_ * 1GB Free backup plan * Stable Operating mode for auto revert file changes * Blacklist monitoring; Optimize PageSpeed * Multi user Control Panel with RBACL * [Backup API]( and [Provisioning API]( * [Wordpress plugin](, [CPanel plugin]( and [WHMCS plugin](
## Thank you Thank you for reading. Do write to us at **sales (at)**