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Free Plan
$ 0
  • play_arrow1 GB
  • play_arrow1 website, 1 database
  • play_arrowWeekly Backup
  • play_arrow1 year validity
  • play_arrowAll Backup Features
  • play_arrowAll Security Features

  • For small personal websites
Premium Plan
$ 1/GB pm
  • play_arrowScalable
  • play_arrowPremium Cloud Storage (AWS S3)
  • play_arrowFast Backup
  • play_arrowDaily Backup
  • play_arrowAll Backup Features
  • play_arrowAll Security Features

  • Premium Backups for Business websites
Coming Soon
Hosting Unlimited Plan
Starting at $ 149 pm
  • play_arrowUnlimited websites
  • play_arrowCustomized Storage Option
  • play_arrowCustomized Backup Plans for your customers
  • play_arrowFast Backup
  • play_arrowDaily Backup
  • play_arrowAll Security Features

  • Customized Backups for Hosting Providers

Compare Offers

Free Plan Premium Plan Hosting Unlimited Plan
Backup Space 1 GB Pay per GB Unlimited
Number of databases 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Speed Normal Fast Super Fast if Custom Storage
Cloud Storage clear check Custom
Hosting Add Ons
Full Server Backup remove remove check
SSH Jumpbox remove remove check
Staging Server remove remove check
Instant Automatic Backup on file changeinfo_outline remove remove check
Fully Featured App
Site Time Machine info_outline check check check
Backup Scheduler check check check
Instant Backupinfo_outline check check check
Backup Mail Notification check check check
Multiuser Role based access control check check check
Backup Historyinfo_outline check check check
Backup File Change Infoinfo_outline check check check
Number of RestoresUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Download check check check
Malware Scanning check check check
Bounty Security Patchesinfo_outline check check check
Blacklist Monitoring check check check
Storage AES 256 bit encryption check check check
Dormant Site Protectioninfo_outline check check check
Login Security Features
Two step verification check check check
IP Access Control List check check check
Country Access List check check check
Support Forum Ticket Ticket
Billing - Annually Annually

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