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Whether you are a site owner or a security researcher, you can report vulnerabilities or web malwares to BountySite

Website Owner

Did your website get hacked? BountySite can help you fix your website for free. Just backup your website and BountySite will run scans and show malwares. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, just report the backup version within BountySite control panel. BountySite will investigate your case and provide with Root Cause Analysis.

Free Sign up

Sign up for free and subscribe for backup package.

Configure Backup

Configure backup with FTP credentials and run a backup


In Revisions page, click on Report to submit the site for analysis.

Root Cause Analysis

BountySite will provide you with complete analysis and remedy.

Security Researcher

If you have discovered or stumbled upon a vulnerability or discovered a new malware affecting websites, you can submit to BountySite by dropping a text only mail to report {at} bountysite {dot} com, in the following format:-

For reporting Vulnerability
Application Name :
Affected versions : 
Vulnerable Filename:
Details of the vulnerability: 

For malware:
Vulnerable code snippet

If you want to attach files, attach only text files. 

For various reasons, we can neither reply nor acknowledge your mail. 


If you feel you want to contribute towards a safer internet, BountySite platform is designed for this.


We are a startup and cannot reward monetarily to researchers. We want to, but dont know when, what and how..

About Us

BountySite is a Website Threat Hunting Platform for proactively securing websites without impacting hosting server resources.

Company: WidEva Systems Pvt Ltd
CIN: U72100TN2015PTC099710


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