BountySite Services


Free plan

Something is better than nothing. It is better to have a backup than not have anything at all.

  • play_arrowBackup small websites
  • play_arrowRAID0 with no redundant backup
  • play_arrow1GB backup space and 1 database
  • play_arrowAll backup features added
Economy plan

Basic starter backup plan for websites. Better data redundancy than free plan and no backup restrictions.

  • play_arrow1$ per 2 GB per site per month
  • play_arrowRAID1 software storage array
  • play_arrowMultiple databases
  • play_arrowAll backup features added
Enterprise plan

Backup on cloud block storage, between multiple geo location. Also keeps a copy in different Geo location

  • play_arrow1.0$ per GB space pm
  • play_arrowReliable block storage with multiple copies
  • play_arrowSite owners can choose a location close to Hosting server
  • play_arrowFaster backup/restores
  • play_arrowLess crowded with all backup features
  • play_arrowRedundant backup to AWS S3
Customized Storage (Recommended)

Only applicable for hosting providers, who have more than 500 sites and preferable have their data center. Data and credentials are stored within datacenter.

  • play_arrowPriced per 500sites
  • play_arrowSuper flexible storage customization
  • play_arrowManage through same control panel
  • play_arrowAdd any n number of remote data redundancy
  • play_arrowPrice your services independantly
  • play_arrowDesign your services independantly
Continuous File Monitoring

BountySite offers continuous file backup by monitoring file changes and schedule backup immediately on hosting server

  • play_arrowCurrenlty supports only cpanel servers
  • play_arrowLightweight application monitors file changes on server, using inotify
  • play_arrowPost detecting changes, it sends the list of files to Backup SSL API for immediate backup
  • play_arrowOnly the modifications are backed up
  • play_arrowWorks for cpanel users who have configured BountySite in cpanel
  • play_arrowHelps to detect file changes quickly, which could be a malware
  • play_arrowMode of backup is same as normal backup, via FTP/SFTP


Bounty Security

BountySite offers pro active affordable security solution for open source applications, at 1$ per threat/malware detected

  • play_arrowThreats with vulnerability with CVSSv3 score > 4.0(Medium to Critical severity) are only concerned
  • play_arrowAn infected site is defined as any malicious content in the site made with unauthorized access
  • play_arrowA threat is something that has the potential to cause site damages like data loss, unauthorized data changes
  • play_arrowExpect 1-5$ pa
  • play_arrowSame malware in multiple files is treated as one threat
  • play_arrowThreat resolution provided
Application Security

BountySite offers security assessment of your sites that are custom built, to provide higher level of security

  • play_arrowWebsite is cloned in an isolated environment for intensive scanning
  • play_arrowAccess to a dedicated security assessment control panel is provided, which will have details of all vulnerabilities detected and on how to remediate
  • play_arrowProof Of Concept provided for each security risk
  • play_arrowSecurity assessment control panel has multi user access, allowing developers to login and coordinate on each risks
  • play_arrowPricing starts at 1,000$, depending on number of input forms in site
  • play_arrowOne Time assessment only

Coming Soon
Patch Manager

BountySite ensures that your site is updated to the latest version, as good security practice

  • play_arrowMost infected sites are due to outdated versions of open source softwares
  • play_arrowPatches can be patched manually or be automatically patched in a predefined time
  • play_arrowPriced at 0.10$ pm per site
  • play_arrowKeep site version updated and stay ahead of common attacks
Coming Soon


Disaster Recovery

BountySite ensures that your site has best uptime, by providing you with an option to bring your site online, during an unplanned event of hosting server downtime

  • play_arrowHosting downtimes no longer affect site uptime
  • play_arrowSite is restored using backup data
  • play_arrowWebsite switch is made by changing DNS
  • play_arrowRequires low DNS TTL (300ms for 5min downtime) to be set for the site domain
  • play_arrowOutbound connection requests and mails are blocked
  • play_arrowNo login access on disaster recovery host
  • play_arrowCan switch backup to backup from disaster recovery host
Under pricing evaluation
Backup Sync

BountySite offers data availability of your website data by allowing to sync to other cloud services. You can store a copy to any cloud object storage of your choice

  • play_arrowSupport for S3 compliant(AWS, Digital Ocean, etc ) and BackBlaze via API over ssl
  • play_arrowOn every file or db change, data is uploaded
  • play_arrowUploaded data is compressed
  • play_arrowUploaded data is encrypted using FTP password
  • play_arrowPriced per GB of used backup space
  • play_arrowAdds best data reliability
  • play_arrowCan be coupled with any backup service
Under pricing evaluation