SSH Jumpbox

Manage user ssh access to linux servers and track commands with session recordings

SSH Jumpbox

Manage user and host ssh access. User to Host simple mapping. SSH key based server login.


SSHTrail users are forced with 2FA for logins, providing good layer of securty. Application level jailed environment provides user level security in multi tenant environments.

Easy host mapping

Just drop SSHTrail user key to whatever ssh user on host, and map SSHTrail user to the host. Access given!

Replay whole Session

SSHTrail records jumpbox ssh session keystrokes and output. You can download and replay the session using asciinema

Command History

View ssh commands per server or per user ssh session. Useful Change Log management tool.

Outsourced Support?

Proof of work done, adds credibility to work. 


Recordings can be used to train juniors on troubleshooting issues.

Issue Resolution

Check command history to quickly troubleshoot mistakes.


Allow only SSHTrail IP to login to SSH Port in firewall of ssh server.


Simple remove user to host mapping to revoke access.

Live Recording

Download active session recordings and view all commands fired till now.

SSH Security

With mandatory 2FA, only the designated user can login to SSHTrail.


SSHTrail can help in following compliance standards.


Get command history of all servers in a single view.


Get started with SSHTrail with simple steps. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Add Site

Add relevant hostname as site and subscribe for SSHTrail

User and Host

Start adding Users and Host, and map users to respective hosts.

SSH Keys

Add user's key to SSHTrail and add SSHTrail key to dst_ssh_user@remote_host


User login to SSHTrail will prompt to add 2FA. User can start login to remote hosts.

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