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Get the most advanced website backup technology

Build your OWN business

Have a dream of being independent? What is stopping you from taking the leap? Money or you are just lazy or you are afraid or want to be safe and never grow?

BountySite offers entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of financial independence. We are a tech company and technology is our strength. Use our technology and readymade solutions to build your company.

Start with very minimal investment. Grow your business organically. Put your own money and grow with profits. Avoid lending money! It is just our opinion.

Your growth is in your hands. Your destiny within your control.

Fully branded services with your own logo and plans.

You own all the storage servers for your brand, which will be fully managed by BountySite. We will host the frontend control panel for you.

No monthly minimum commitments. Just share revenue!

Build Your Own Business

Readymade Services

BountySite has all service related automation needed for running your business right on day one.

Tailor custom Solutions

Design your own backup plans and global locations with storage customizations.


Tell us what systems(outside BountySite) you need. We will build it for you.


Have you decided to take the leap now? Alright, here is how you initiate the process.

First, reach out to us here and tell us why you want to start your own business.

Schedule online meeting and tell us about your past experience and know about us.

Online demo to understand how BountySite is a big boon for site owners.

Getting Started

Alright! We are making progress. Now, lets get to business. Sign an agreement with BountySite after discussing and agreeing to BountySite terms of services. Here are 10 simple steps to get started.

Step 1

Find an apt brand name with an available dot com domain name. Register domain name.

Step 2

Build your own logo and SEO friendly website. 

Step 3

Buy a VPS and host your website.

Step 4

Subscribe for corporate mail  and bulk mailer services.

Step 5

Talk to BountySite and discuss storage plans and tiers.

Step 6

Procure storage servers/cloud and we will deploy our storage stack on the servers/cloud.

Step 7

Get a Paypal account and provide BountySite with the same.

Step 8

BountySite will setup frontend control panel for your brand and attach storage nodes to the stack.

Step 9

Run tests on control panel and API services.

Step 10

You are ready to sign up customers.

Some highlights

Chat Support

Provide chat support for your own customers


Control panel provides with simple ticketing system


From provisioning to backup logs, keep track of everything.


Every page has corresponding Documentation.


Tonnes of hidden features that you can blog about.


Start small and grow to million websites. No problem!

Multi User

Build your team and provide access to Control Panel with respective access rights.

Happy Clients

You are in hands of good technology. Provide good support and make customers happy.

Intuitive Control Panel

BountySite provides with intuitive control panel to manage your website security

Programmatic REST API

BountySite provides with REST API to manage backups and account provisioning

Ready to take the plunge?

Are you excited already?
Is this the opportunity that you have been waiting for a long time? 
Want to make money online on your own?

About Us

BountySite is a Website Threat Hunting Platform for proactively securing websites without impacting hosting server resources.

Company: WidEva Systems Pvt Ltd
CIN: U72100TN2015PTC099710


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sales (at} bountysite {dot} com

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