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Offer affordable website security and backup solutions to your customers by partnering with us.
BountySite provides customized solutions which can be easily integrated into your platform for a smooth hassle free experience

Partner Benefits


Add value to your existing services. BountySite provides partner with tools for seamless integration into your existing offerings. 

Website Backup

Offer website backup services along with your services

Affordable Security

Provide simple and affordable security to your customers.

Proactive Security

Educate customers that security is both proactive and  reactive.

Pay per Use

Site owners only pay for what they use, giving value for every penny

Trusted Security Partner

BountySite Services are transparent and the most affordable in the hosting industry. Site owner is the best security administrator for their own site.

WhiteLabel Support

BountySite was designed as a platform to resell, from the ground up. We support fully private label setup.

Hassle Free Integration

BountySite's user friendly interface is easy to integrate into your platform for a seamless customer experience

Control Panel

Feature rich control panel dedicated for parnters to manage own clients

Multi User

Multi user control panel with RBACL access rights to delegate tasks.


Access log to track all your users change activity on the control panel.


From Provisioning logs to Backup Logs, you have all the information you need to support.


Add layer of security to your hosting infrastructure with BountySite.

Code Reviews

Easily view code changes for uploaded files or review files in revisioning system


Our storage nodes can be deployed across the globe close to hosting, for faster backups.


Give your customers peace of mind and hence make them happy. Grow through recommendations.


From Provisioning logs to Backup Logs, you have all the information you need to support your customers without being dependant on us.


Add revenue with existing customer base means less marketing expenses and more revenue straight into own pocket.

Custom Storage

Customize your own storage node with data redundancies and backup features that fits for every customer tier.

FTP Rate Limit

You can rate limit number of simultaneous FTP connections made by BountySite for every UTC hour.

Concierge Services

Wth permission of respective user, you can perform all actions on user managed websites.

Website Migration

You can use BountySite to migrate websites to your hosting services from other providers.

Add Revenue

BountySite also offers other value added services to add revenue and value. The following can be offered for free.


Provide storage for FileTrail, using minio and sell full server backups, with custom storage tiers.


Setup SSH Jumpboxes on VPS and resell to your customers for added SSH security and auditing.

Disaster Recovery

We can provide you with a standby linux hosting node for Disaster Recovery. Websites can switch hosting.


We can provide you with a staging hosting environment on VPS, where users can test before performing the action on live.


BountySite allows following customizations in storage services.


Keep a copy of all website backup in S3 bucket or keep n copies using BountySite Redundant Backup REST API


Limit number of databases allowed to be created under a website

Inotify CDP

Inotify based Continuous Data Protection. Schedule backup automatically post site file modification.

Anti Virus

Run your own anti virus susbscription. External API option also avalable. Eg Cymru, Hybrid Analysis


BountySite offers flexible options that fit your requirements.

Pay as you Go

At 1$/GB/website
No monthly commitments
2 backup copy, with AWS S3
Slow backup speed
No Branding
No independent pricing
No value added services


Starts at 150 50$/pm
  Unlimited websites
Predefined storage
2 backup copy, with AWS S3
Faster backups/restores
Partial branding
Pricing freedom

Private Label Setup

Starts at 500$/pm
Unlimited websites
Your own storage nodes
Customized Storage Solutions
Super charged backups
Full branding
Create custom tiers
Full pricing freedom


BountySite provides with the following options to integrate BountySite services into your offerings.

WHMCS Plugin

Get free WHCMS plugin to start selling BountySite services within your existing billing platform

cPanel Plugin

BountySite also provides with free cPanel plugin, for your customers to manage backups.

Provisioning API

Use provisioning API to integrate BountySite Services, on any platform.

Want to know more?

Drop us a message for a free demo account evaluation, before you make a decision.

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BountySite is a Website Threat Hunting Platform for proactively securing websites without impacting hosting server resources.

Company: WidEva Systems Pvt Ltd
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